We Were Here Forever 2023 release date confirmed along with cross-platform support

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It’s been the best part of eighteen months since we heard of We Were Here Forever, the latest in the long line of We Were Here titles. Finally though a fully confirmed release date has been made known and not only will it be releasing on console, but cross-play support will be in house from launch. 

We Were Here Forever is the next instalment in Total Mayhem Games’ great little series. Having already taxed our brains in We Were Here, We Were Here Too and We Were Here Together, We Were Here Forever will continue the brain teasing when it releases on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC in 2023. 

Previously only confirmed for next-gen consoles and PC, it’s great to see the older generation being treated to some love here and when We Were Here Forever releases on January 31st 2023, players across all formats will be able to play together, working cross-platform, cross-play support. 

The Xbox and PlayStation editions of We Were Here Forever will join with that of PC (Steam or Epic) to deliver a new story, one that reaches out to some twelve plus hours in length. And as you’d suspect if you have played any of the We Were Here titles previously, this is all about the cooperative experience. 

It sees you and your partner wake up locked and separated in the sinister dungeons of Castle Rock. With your trusty walkie-talkie as your only means of communication, from there, you and your partner must solve mind-blowing puzzles together to escape once again – or so you hope!

It’s set in the cold Antarctic Castle Rock, a haunted and forgotten castle stands nearby a town named Rockbury. Once outside the Keep you will begin to uncover the story of Rockbury and the town’s inhabitants, who once planned a resistance against the King in order to escape this mysterious realm outside space & time…

Every adventure can unfold differently thanks to a more freeform design allowing these explorers to unravel their own fate. Which begs the everlasting question: Does one ever truly escape Castle Rock?

We Were Here Forever has picked up some decent acclaim on Steam already and with the series previously showing us that those behind it know a thing or two about a cooperative experience, there is huge hype for the release of the game on console. 

Key series staples include:

  • Two-player co-op: the puzzles you encounter take two to solve – you both have a role to play! Communicate via walkie-talkies, and act as each other’s eyes and ears
  • Connect through experience: when you find yourself in sudden danger, will you freeze, or can you keep cool and explain things clearly to your partner- before your time runs out…
  • On the edge of your seat: be part of a thrilling adventure in the lively world of Castle Rock as you and your partner take on the ancient powers aligned against you
  • Spine-tingling story: there is much to discover… and much to fear – you’ve met the Jester, but is he even the most powerful being within the walls of Castle Rock?

Marion Strumpel from Total Mayhem Games says: “It’s been incredible to see players connecting through our games, creating memories that will last forever. This new cross-play support in We Were Here Forever will make it easier than ever for players to experience something thrilling together – even if the puzzles may test your friendship at times!”

Expect to see We Were Here Forever release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5 come January 31st 2023. We’ll remind you when that date arrives. 

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