UK: 89.5% of games sold in 2022 were digital

Digital games were always going to be highly popular due to faster home broadband speeds and cheaper storage prices. Now it has been confirmed that 89.5% of all video game sales last year in the biggest gaming market in Europe, the United Kingdom, were digital purchases from store fronts like the Nintendo eShop, Playstation Store, Microsoft Store, App Store, Google Play, and Steam. Almost nine out of ten of all video game purchases last year in the UK were digital. The BBC says that the video gaming industry accounted for £4.7bn of sales in the UK in 2022, which its higher than that of the film, television or music industries.

“In the old days, when there was pretty much only physical console games and PC discs, it was far easier to track the market. These days, it’s a lot more fragmented and sometimes the new digital players simply won’t share their sales data directly – that’s where estimates come in. The proof of the pudding is how the numbers are received and respected.”

ERA chief executive Kim Bayley


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