Titans Season 4 Director Teases Beast Boy Is Getting A New Costume

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Ryan Potter’s Beast Boy is getting a new costume in Titans season 4, according to one of the show’s regular directors. The fourth season of HBO Max’s DC drama, Titans, has recently started production in Toronto, Canada, as the stories about the iconic group of heroes continue. Titans season 3 followed Nightwing and his team to Gotham City as they dealt with a personal threat in the form of Jason Todd, a.k.a. Red Hood. Ultimately, Scarecrow served as the true villain of the season before the Titans eventually stopped him once and for all.

While Warner Bros. TV and HBO Max are keeping most story plots for the upcoming season under wrap, there are a few known details already. Titans season 4 will see the introduction of an iconic Teen Titans antagonist as The Originals’ Joseph Morgan is boarding the series as Brother Blood. Franka Potente will also cause some chaos in the role of May Bennett, a.k.a. Mother Mayhem, who will be a series regular alongside Morgan’s Brother Blood. After having already introduced a number of Fearsome Five members, Lisa Ambalavanar is set to recur on Titans season 4 as the DC baddie Jinx.

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As Titans fans wait for the fourth season to arrive on HBO Max, they should expect to see one of the long-time heroes getting an upgrade. Titans cinematographer/director Boris Mojsovski recently shared on his Instagram the writing and directing credits for the third and fourth episodes of the new season. One of the questions he got in the comments was when they are planning on debuting Beast Boy’s new costume. Not only does Mojsovski confirm that the teen hero will have a new look, but that Beast Boy’s new suit will be revealed “soon.”

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Mojsovski’s response may imply that the Titans team is planning on unveiling Beast Boy’s new look right as they’re about to shoot scenes outside with Ryan Potter wearing it, rather than fans seeing it first through paparazzi images. While Gar Logan has been donning a jacket that is similar to his comic uniform, Beast Boy has still not gotten a traditional suit. However, it appears Titans season 4 will change that, which is more than fitting, given that almost all the other characters have received a suit in one way or another. Ideally, Beast Boy will get the same costume he has in other DC properties where it doesn’t require him to have to get undressed first before shapeshifting to any animal of his choice.

While Beast Boy getting a proper suit is exciting, it’ll hopefully not be the only new thing he gets in Titans season 4. Potter’s Beast Boy, who has been part of Titans since the very beginning, has very often not gotten the same screentime and focus as other characters. Given Gar’s legacy as a canonical core Teen Titans hero since the 1970s, Titans has still not fully embraced Beast Boy the way they have with new members that joined the show after him. Hopefully, the next season will expand Gar’s presence in the series, including letting him learn how to shapeshift into other animals besides a tiger. As Titans season 4 gets further into production, fans should be getting a first look at Beast Boy’s new threads sooner rather than later.

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Source: Boris Mojsovski

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