Thor’s Hammer Gets An MCU Makeover Ahead Of Love and Thunder

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Warning! Spoilers ahead for Thor #23

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Thor, the God of Thunder’s hammer has been destroyed and reforged with a new look just in time for the same thing to happen in the MCU’s Thor: Love and Thunder. While the Mjölnir of the comics was corrupted due to its inadvertent merging with the classic villain known as Mangog, Thor’s mighty hammer has been reborn, becoming a symbol of heroism once more. Likewise, it’s been confirmed that the Mjölnir of the MCU will be similarly reforged (looking very much the same with this new style).

In previous issues of Thor from Donny Cates and Nic Klein, the God of Thunder and new King of Asgard finally learned why his hammer had been growing heavier while others were able to lift it. This is because the Mother of Storms residing within the mighty hammer had secretly been merged with the Mangog to become the dark God of Hammers. It even began to carve a path of destruction across the Ten Realms on its own volition, going on a killing spree which ended with Odin sacrificing himself, giving the last of his power to Thor so he might become the full All-Father wielding his own Thor-Force.

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Now, Thor #23 sees the God of Thunder using his new powers to overwhelm the God of Hammers, destroying the iconic Mjölnir using the forges of Nidavellir. However, the extreme effort and full expenditure of the new Thor-Force saw him passing out in the Thorsleep. However, once the King of Asgard awoke it was revealed that Thor’s sister Angela and the angels of Heven had reforged the shattered hammer, putting the pieces together by filling the cracks with what looks to be gold. Interestingly enough, official images for Jane Foster’s return in Thor: Love and Thunder feature her as the Mighty Thor wielding a Mjölnir which has likewise been reforged (with blue cracks) after it had been broken by Thor’s evil sister Hela in Thor Ragnarok. As such, the similarities between the hammers creates a fun point of synergy between the comics and the films.


While some would be right in thinking that this new hammer makeover in the comics was a deliberate move to mirror the upcoming change in the MCU, it seems as though it was pure coincidence as confirmed in a tweet from Cates himself. Even though this was apparently in the works long beforehand, this isn’t the first time readers have witnessed synergy between the comics and films. More often than not it’s quite intentional such as Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum looking more like the MCU’s Sanctum or certain heroes receiving bigger spotlights in conjunction with their on-screen debuts.

At any rate, Thor’s hammer is now going to match the MCU version once Love and Thunder hits theaters. Not only is it the latest point of synergy between the comics and films, there’s also a dynamic dichotomy that’s now present as well. While Thor’s sister is the one who reforged his hammer in the comics, his sister in the MCU is the one who destroyed Mjölnir in the MCU. While it’s still unknown how the hammer will be remade on-screen in July, Thor fans will be able to keep themselves busy as the series continues from Marvel Comics.

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