These Are the Best That ’70s Show Episodes, Ranked


The feel-good sitcom That ‘70s Show introduced audiences to the hilariously groovy gang of Point Place, Wisconsin and their stoner misadventures. The period comedy depicts the growing pains, adolescent woes and romantic relationships of Eric Forman and his marijuana-loving pals during the far out decade of the 1970s. The series also helped catapult its dynamic and entertaining young cast to stardom, with many of its leads going on to appear in a myriad of successful films and television shows. That ‘70s Show ran for an impressive eight seasons and 200 episodes, giving fans a plethora of comical moments and sidesplitting hijinks that cemented its status as a beloved sitcom staple.

That ‘70s Show was jam packed with amusing running gags and unique elements, such as the gang’s prominent partaking in “the circle”, Eric’s die-hard loyalty and love for all things Star Wars and his no-nonsense father Red’s affinity for threatening to put his foot in undesirable places. The show’s final episode aired on May 18, 2006, and attracted over 10 million viewers who came to say goodbye to the Point Place misfits. A spin-off series That ‘90s Show is set to premiere on the streaming service Netflix, with Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp reprising their roles as Red and Kitty Forman. These are the best That ‘70s Show episodes.

10 Eric’s Panties (Season 3, Episode 6)

Eric in That 70s Show
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When Eric becomes lab partner’s with the pretty and popular Shelly, Donna doesn’t seem too worried about all the time her boyfriend is spending with his new study buddy despite the blonde’s obvious attempts at flirting. The laid-back and cool-as-a-cucumber Point Place redhead finds herself developing a jealous streak when she discovers a pair of panties that don’t belong to her tucked under a seat in Eric’s famous Vista Cruiser. The episode depicts the hilarious daydream centering on Donna making out with Eric in bed only to stumble on another pair of underwear tucked behind a pillow, finally culminating in panties pouring from the ceiling as Eric gleefully yells “Panties! Glorious Panties!” as they rain down upon them.

What makes this installment of the series that much funnier is who the mysterious underwear actually belong to: none other than Donna’s mother Midge. The startling revelation garners applause and admiration from Kelso and Fez (who believe Eric scored with the resident bombshell Midge), and leads to an awkward conversation between mother and daughter.

9 Red Sees Red (Season 3, Episode 2)

Red in That 70s Show
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The gang is in some seriously hot water after Eric finally reveals his marijuana use to Red, causing the hot-headed Forman patriarch to booby-trap the house and set a super-strict curfew, becoming a full-blown ruthless prison guard. The gleeful Laurie loves the predicament her younger brother is in, that is until she too is subjected to the same curfew and finds her social life suffering for it. Kitty also has her fill of Red’s extreme disciplinary actions, constantly voicing her disdain for her husband’s actions and proving to be the gang’s last hope for sanity. The episode also is the first time Laurie and Kelso start seeing one another, to which the dismayed Red declares to his daughter, “Look, what they did is bad. But you sneaking around with Kelso, that’s just…unpleasant.”

8 It’s a Wonderful Life (Season 4, Episode 1)

Donna reads a magazine and Kelso talks to Eric in That 70s Show
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For the premiere of the fourth season of That ‘70s Show, Eric is left completely shattered over his and Donna’s break-up and spends all day miserable in bed wishing the two never shared a kiss. An angel shows up (portrayed by delightful Seinfeld alum Wayne Knight) and shows Eric and his fellow friends what life would have been like had he and Donna never got together. The It’s a Wonderful Life inspired episode showcases Eric’s bleak future where he’s still under Red’s imposing thumb, never having the confidence to stand up to his strict father and is surprisingly married to Big Rhonda.

For the Point Place ten-year high school reunion, Kelso shows up as a famous TV anchorman married to Pam Macy, who can’t seem to quit Jackie while Hyde and Donna get married and have a child, but Hyde is sent to prison. Fez is more-or-less his quirky and strange self, giving in to the fads of the decade and performing an amusing rendition of “I Ran” at the gang’s 1988 class reunion. The angel shows to Eric that love is a beautiful thing, despite the devastation he’s currently experiencing.

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7 Cat Fight Club (Season 2, Episode 25)

Jackie Talks to Kelso in That 70s Show
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Fed up with constantly being provoked by Laurie flaunting her new relationship with Kelso, Jackie turns to Hyde to help learn the compelling art of being Zen. When Red discovers his darling daughter has started a relationship with the town idiot Kelso, he is most assuredly not Zen and has no interest in accepting their perplexing romance. This leads to a sidesplitting dream sequence about the not-so-distant future of 1997, where Laurie and Kelso are married, and his son-in-law asks Red for some money. Fez makes an appearance as their robot butler and quite literally blasts off to the moon with Kelso in tow.

The most hilarious part of the episode comes during the showdown between Laurie and Jackie, who has finally learned to master Zen thanks to Hyde’s lessons. The firecracker’s newfound calmness doesn’t last long once Laurie insults her one too many times, resulting in Jackie tackling and whooping on the stunned blonde. As Hyde so eloquently put it, “Where the Zen ends, the ass-kicking begins.”

6 We’re Not Gonna Take It (Season 6, Episode 6)

The whole gang in That 70s Show
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When Donna’s bumbling-yet-endearing dad Bob and his girlfriend Joanne break-up, Eric is fired from his job at the dog food factory and battles against Kelso to be hired as a waiter at Roy’s (the amusing Jim Gaffigan) restaurant. In an effort to cheer up her dad, Donna and Jackie create a secret admirer who sends the heartbroken man some tasty fudge. Their master plan to perk up the newly-single Bob goes awry when Joanne calls to get back together, but he tells her he’s quite the hot commodity in Point Place.

Back at the restaurant, Hyde convinces Roy to turn the hiring of Eric or Kelso into a thrilling competition equipped with an adrenaline-fueled obstacle course that Eric unsurprisingly wins hands down. The episode is extremely fun as both members of the gang vy for the not-so-coveted position as waiter at Roy’s restaurant, while elsewhere Red pushes for Laurie and Fez to get a divorce until desirable wedding gifts start showing up.

5 Going to California (Season 5, Episode 1)

Eric and Donna sit on a rock in That 70s Show
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In the premiere of the fifth season, Eric is lovelorn for Donna and the gang takes his money from the Scooby-Doo thermos to fund his journey to California in an effort to bring her home. During that 1978 summer, Kelso has seemingly forgotten about Donna and has a ditzy blonde Malibu beach girl named Annette (portrayed by the lovely Jessica Simpson). The episode is perhaps the most noteworthy due to the unexpected coupling of Jackie and Hyde, who find hooking up to be the ultimate cure to their summer break boredom. In the gang’s efforts to cover for the whereabouts of Eric, Fez and Hyde purposely pick a fight with Red to keep him in the dark about his son’s west coast journey. The senior former quickly and almost eagerly gives in to the bait, saying that Hyde’s newly grown beard makes him “Look like a damn Hungarian.”

Back on the California coast, Donna and Eric are finally reunited in a hilarious slow motion sequence that is ruined by Kelso, who ultimately gets thrown in the sand before the beloved sitcom kiss and makeup.

4 Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die (Season 3, Episode 4)

The gang in costumes for That 70s Show Halloween
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Chock-full of comical spoofs of Alfred Hitchcock’s ultimate classic movies, season three’s Halloween episode includes homages to the famed directors iconic flicks including The Birds, Psycho, Rear Window, North by Northwest and Vertigo. Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) steals the show in his cheeky The Rocky Horror Picture Show inspired costume, decked out like Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter with fishnet stockings, fingerless gloves and a chunky pearl necklace. After toppling from the garage roof, Eric experiences vertigo while Hyde and Kelso begin to suspect that Bob may have in fact actually killed Midge. Later on, Kitty enlists Laurie’s help to feed the neighbor’s birds, resulting in an entertaining screaming montage by Laurie and Kitty in a random phone booth, à la Hitchcock’s The Birds.

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3 Garage Sale (Season 2, Episode 1)

Kitty and Red talk to their neighbor in That 70s Show
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In the second season opener, after Red’s hours at the plant are severely diminished, the Formans must attempt to sell the junk they have lying around to make some quick cash. For the garage sale, Hyde decides to help out by making a batch of “special brownies” that Red, Kitty, Bob and Midge all consume, leading to Eric’s dad accidentally selling his beloved Vista Cruiser.

This is also the first time Fez puts the moves on his longtime crush Jackie, earning a swift punch to the face by Kelso when he plants a kiss on her. The uproarious episode depicts the Point Place parents high as a kite, with Kurtwood Smith shining as the stoned-out-of-his-mind Red. He and Kitty get a comical stern lecture from Eric and Hyde, similar to the countless sit downs they had with their unruly brood. Seeing the Formans and Pinciottis stoned and giggling is a wild ride for audiences and the episode is without-a-doubt a fan favorite.

2 Dine and Dash (Season 3, Episode 13)

The gang at a restaurant in That 70s Show
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There’s bound to be chaos when Kelso announces to the gang that he wants to take them out to dinner to celebrate the $100 reward he received from his grandma. It doesn’t take long before their meal digests, and they learn that the dim-witted character has no intentions to use the money and instead wants to flee the five-star restaurant without paying. Despite being furious by Kelso’s “master plan”, one-by-one the group caves in and realizes they have no choice but to make a run for it. Kelso, Fez and Jackie all come up with a random excuse to leave the table, promising to return but instead bolting from the scene of the crime. To add salt to the wound, the gang sends Eric and Donna a cake that is delivered by the singing waiters, rubbing in their misdeeds.

After finally escaping the high-end restaurant in an epically hilarious slow-motion montage, the couple make it back to their beloved basement and commend their friends on their epic prank. To demonstrate their good sportsmanship, Eric and Donna present the others with a fresh batch of brownies that just so happen to be laced with chocolate laxatives. The hilarious reveal and subsequent battle to make it to the bathroom is without a doubt one of the funniest moments on That ‘70s Show.

1 Reefer Madness (Season 3, Episode 1)

That 70s Show Reefer Madness spoof
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The second season of That ‘70s Show ends with Hyde taking the blame for Jackie’s pot and being sent to jail, much to the rage of Red. When he is released a few hours later, the fury-filled Forman tells Hyde he won’t stand for such behavior in his house and kicks him out. To keep this from happening, Eric decides to make the ultimate confession and reveals to his parents the gang’s own use of the recreational drug. Meanwhile, Jackie is absolutely certain Hyde is in love with her and demonstrated his unspoken feelings by taking the rap for the cannabis. The episode title refers to the 1936 anti-marijuana exploitation film of the same name, and joyfully spoofs the mass hysteria surrounding the substance at the time and the dangers of ‘troubled youth.’

“Reefer Madness” is hands down one of the funniest and well-thought-out installments of the series, not only showcasing the growing bond between Red and Hyde but also the gang’s reaction to being caught in the act. After two seasons of enjoying the wonders of their infamous “circle” in the basement, they finally had to pay the proverbial piper in the shape of Red Forman.

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