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The puzzle masters are back with the super weird Puzzle by Nikoli W Heyawake on Xbox

puzzle by nikoli w heyawake

We’ve had Sudoku, Akari, Slitherlink and Nurikabe. Now though the masters of the puzzle are back and this time they are bringing a proper oddity with them as Puzzle by Nikoli W Heyawake releases on Xbox. 

Available to purchase, download and play right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, ready to test your mind like never before is the latest puzzler to hit console, a weird little oddball called Puzzle by Nikoli W Heyawake. 

It’s priced at just £3.99 and comes on the back of some pretty hit success, as the Puzzle by Nikoli W series worked its way through the familiar scenes of Sudoku, before slowly and surely getting stranger through Akari, Slitherlink and Nurikabe

That sees us end up where we are today and with Puzzle by Nikoli W Heyawake is a new – at least to us – brain tester. Working the numbers route, Heyawake promises to start off relatively easy, as you look to fill spaces according the rules in play. But it’s when it splits the board into a variety of ‘rooms’, where the difficulty and mind-melting begins. 

A puzzle type that we’ve never heard of, despite it being around since the early 1990s, if you are at all familiar with the Puzzle by Nikoli W offerings that have come to Xbox over the last few months, then you’ll know what to expect here – tons of puzzles for you to work your way through, all with no fuss and no bother, removing any real ‘delights’ as you go. 

Yep, Puzzle by Nikoli W Heyawake just wants you to kick back, controller in hand and get thinking, ticking boxes as you fill them. It’s something we are on board with, having pretty much enjoyed the games from previous. 

If you wish to take this one in, downloading and playing it on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, then you’ll find the Xbox Store is capable of providing the goods. Let us know in the comments if you decide to go for it. 

Game Description:

This is a progressive puzzle which you can comfortably enjoy working out using logic. “Heyawake” is a puzzle in which you fill in the spaces according to the rules. It’s called “heyawake” (“split rooms”) because the face of the board is divided into rooms. This puzzle first appeared in 1992, but a plethora of solutions have been developed, allowing for a very progressive puzzle. Each time you discover a new strategic move, your skills of solution will improve.

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