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The Heist and The Hazardous brings new missions, events and more to Saints Row!

We loved the rebooted Saints Row when it released in 2022, and whilst we fully understand that Deep Silver and Volition’s launch wasn’t to everyone’s taste, for us, as big Saints fans, we couldn’t get enough of it. But more is always appreciated and today we not only see the arrival of the game’s first DLC expansion, but a massive free update ensures that the city of Santo Ileso continues to thrive. 

We’ll start with the paid content and on the back of some Dead Island 2 themed cosmetics for Saints Row comes the first of three planned DLC expansions. It’s The Heist & The Hazardous which is the main thrust here, with the expansion adding in three brand new story missions that are capable of keeping either a single player or duo busy, along with a new weapon, a helicopter, more rewards, cosmetics and further bits and bobs. 

The Heist and The Hazardous comes in as a standalone purchase or as part of the Saints Row Expansion Pass

But further to that is a new free update – that of Sunshine Springs. It’s this which adds a new district, the titular Sunshine Springs, as an all-new area of the map opens up. It’s here where you’ll find new features too, with the teams behind Saints Row improving the combat, the gameplay flow and overall balancing. With a new Selfie Mode included, as well as an addition camera angle for vehicles, 12 new emotes and selection wheel, plus a huge array of smaller fixes and tweaks, there is possibly never a better team than to jump into Saints Row and enjoy what Santo Ileso has to offer. 

If anything, it’ll stand you in good stead for what is coming further down the line too, with the second Expansion Pass content, Doc Ketchum’s Murder Circus, hitting in July, followed by the third, final and largest pack available in August.

We’ll be letting you know how the arrival of The Heist and The Hazardous builds Saints Row with full review soon. 

For now, grab what you need from the Xbox Store to play the game, the expansion and the free update on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. You should find the same deal kicking around on PlayStation and PC. 

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