The Flash Star Ezra Miller Reverses Course, Agrees To Plead Guilty To Burglary Charge

Warner Bros’ franchise of DC movies has been the source of constant restructuring and changing with the times. Some of the upcoming entries in this cinematic universe are still holding steady though, one of which happens to be Ezra Miller’s The Flash. While the actor is currently making their way through some legal challenges, they are also maintaining their position in one of this summer’s tentpoles; which may be part of the recent reversal of Miller’s plea to charges arising from an ongoing case.

Previously, Ezra Miller pled not guilty to being accused of “unlawful trespassing, two charges for burglary into an unoccupied dwelling and petit larceny.” Per a report from NBC News, Miller has now agreed to plead guilty to the charge of unlawful trespassing, which will see all other charges mentioned above dropped. These recent legal actions stem from last year, when the Justice League actor had been reported as breaking into a Vermont residence and stealing liquor bottles in the process.

This is pretty big news for Miller, as they were potentially looking at 20 years of jail time with the full raft of charges. Thanks to these negotiations, Ezra Miller may only need to serve, “89 to 90 days in a suspended sentence, as well as a year probation and $500 fine.” So long as they meet the conditions set and don’t commit any further crimes in the time period specified, Miller won’t have to serve jail time. However, violation of those conditions could result in a sentence that would lead to incarceration.

It seems to be the latest in measures that Ezra Miller has engaged in to keep The Flash on track for its June release date. Last year, Miller made a full apology, with a pledge to seek psychiatric treatment for what they identified as “complex mental health issues.” These actions were apparently spurred on by Warner Bros executives “considering all options” pertaining to the release of one of the remaining vestiges of the Snyderverse era of DC films.

With that mindset reported, the “spooked” actor apparently sought to make amends. Reversing course and pleading down to a lesser charge would seem to be on the path of that very aim, as it shows Ezra Miller as potentially trying to make up for the actions they were charged with. 

We’ll have to wait until after Friday’s filing to see where this story goes next, but for now, The Flash is set to zoom into theaters on June 23, 2023, with an undetermined number of Batmen waiting in the wings to be a part of the magic.  If you’d like to check out the rest of the 2023 new movie releases slated to debut this year, that information is waiting in a parallel universe that’s only a hyperlink away.

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