The First Patch Notes For Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Are Already So Weird 1
Image: Marvelous

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is out now in Japan, although English-speaking players will have to wait until 27th June to get on board as well. After its Japanese eShop launch, the first patch has also been released, which fixes a number of bugs in the game — bugs that are quite entertaining to read about.

Here’s a Google translated version of the patch notes available on the Bokujo Monogatari website:

Version: 1.0.1

Update details

[Added functions]

  • Added a function that changes the color of the cursor when the field cursor selects a crop square that can be harvested
  • Added a function that maximizes the fullness level after the end of the New Year Festival and Harvest Festival

[Related Bugs]

  • Fixed an issue where the camera would continue to move in a certain direction during an event, making it impossible to progress
  • Fixed a bug where Van would stop at the entrance of Forgotten Valley and not open the shop
  • Fixed a bug that caused insomnia immediately after waking up if you went to bed between 00:00 AM and 05:59 AM without using the alarm clock
  • Fixed an issue where chickens in a pasture could temporarily disappear
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented progress when talking to a child who is having a conversation with a partner
  • Fixed a bug where the mouth would not open and close when talking to a resident
  • Fixed a bug that cancelled animals’ pregnancy under certain conditions
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused birds to overlap at the entrance of the aviary
  • Adjusted the position of the eyes for children after chapter 4
  • Adjusted Hugh’s facial expressions during conversation
  • Fixed an issue where residents would bump into each other while moving and tremble in small increments
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes causes Pui and Mukumuku to climb a cliff at night
  • Adjusted some texts
  • Fixed other bugs

Disappearing chickens, trembling residents, and immediate insomnia. Sounds like a regular Sunday night for us. Are you playing the Japanese version of Story of Seasons, or waiting until the English version? Give us your thoughts in the comments!