The Callisto Protocol seemingly hasn’t met sales expectations

According to a recent report, the recently released The Callisto Protocol hasn’t met sales expectations.

Early last month, the first title from Striking Distance Studios, The Callisto protocol, launched to middling reviews. A relatively new studio led by Dead Space creator Glen Schofield, this first title of the company was clearly set up to be quite big, with Geoff Keighley giving it a big push at both Summer Games Fest last year, and at The Game Awards in 2020 where the game debuted. Except things haven’t exactly gone to plan, as according to MK-Odyssey, the game hasn’t sold quite as well as expected.

The report states that the game cost around 200 billion won, or £132 million, to develop, an obviously huge budget, which sales haven’t currently hit yet. The Callisto Protocol had been referred to as a quadruple A game, something we’ve heard the upcoming Perfect Dark reboot being called as well, obviously pointing towards the larger scale games are approaching.

A number of investors in Krafton, the game’s publisher, have lowered their target stock prices as a result, with Samsung Securities sharing that it predicted “cumulative sales of five million copies,” but now thinks that two million won’t be easy until this year.

It is a bit surprising that so much was invested into a brand new IP, particularly one which sits in a genre that typically hasn’t had the highest amount of sales compared to other genres.

VG247’s The Callisto Protocol review gave the game a 3/5, noting that the game doesn’t really do anything special, nor is it an evolution of what Dead Space did. The game suffered from some serious stuttering issues on PC, which Striking Distance has addressed, but in general everything that has come from the game just proves how pointless crunch can truly be.

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