Star Wars: The Bad Batch — Are the Ancients Tied to the Jedi?

This story contains spoilers for The Bad Batch. If you’re not caught up yet, check out our spoiler-free The Bad Batch Season 2 review.

There’s a blast from the past in the latest episode of The Bad Batch Season 2. Diving into the history of the Jedi Order and those that came before, fans are rightly asking who the “Ancients” are and what they could mean for the wider mythos of the galaxy far, far away.

“Entombed” wasted no time making Wanda Sykes’ Phee Genoa the star of the show, with this treasure-hunting pirate filling that Doctor Aphra-shaped hole in our lives. Much like that morally ambiguous archaeologist, Phee gives us some insight into the state of the galaxy in years gone by. Alongside mentions of the Grand Pearl of Novak and Blade of Zakata Par, one of Phee’s stories stood out more than the others.

Are The Ancients Connected to the Jedi?

Under the guidance of Phee, the Bad Batch journeys to the uncharted Kaldar Trinary and searches for the mythical Heart of the Mountain in Skara Nal. Skara Nal is eventually revealed as a walker-esque weapon of mass destruction, and although nothing about its creators is confirmed, Phee says the “Ancients” predate the Jedi Order itself.

It’s possible the Ancients are the Je’daii Order, who hailed from the planet Tython and eventually evolved into the modern Jedi Order. Remembering that Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) took Grogu to Tython in The Mandalorian Season 2, there’s already a foundation to build on in mainline Star Wars canon. However, this seems unlikely when comparing The Bad Batch’s glimpse of Skara Nal and the dark side creatures of the Kaldar Trinary to the Je’daii’s motives of bringing balance to the Force.

Instead, the Ancients could be tied to Tony Gilroy’s Andor and a throwaway reference to the Rakata species. Here, Luthen Rael (Stellan Skarsgård) gave Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) a downpayment of a Kuati signet embedded with a blue and white sky kyber crystal. As well as saying it comes from an “ancient world,” he confirms it “celebrated the uprising against the Rakatan invaders.”

Rakata? Like, Knights of the Old Republic Rakata?

Introduced in BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic video game back in 2003, the Rakata are a fish-like species that first mastered hyperspace travel. More than this, the Rakata were a sometimes villainous race that used the dark side to mix their technological prowess with spiritual evil.

As Knights of the Old Republic is set some 4,000 years before Lucas’ movies — and the Rakata existed 30,000 years before that — the timelines marry up with them being the Ancients that Phee refers to. For those who still aren’t convinced, a portion of the 2003 game takes place in a location called the Temple of the Ancients on the planet Lehon.

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