Snowpiercer: Cancelled at TNT; Fourth & Final Season Being Shopped Elsewhere

Snowpiercer TV show on TNT: canceled, no season 4 plans

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It seems that TNT is officially out of the original scripted series business. The cable channel has cancelled plans to air the fourth and final season of Snowpiercer. The episodes have been produced and season four will be shopped elsewhere. There’s also a possibility that the show’s universe will keep chugging along.

A post-apocalyptic science-fiction thriller series, Snowpiercer stars Jennifer Connelly, Daveed Diggs, Sean Bean, Rowan Blanchard, Alison Wright, Mickey Sumner, Iddo Goldberg, Katie McGuinness, Lena Hall, Archie Panjabi, Annalise Basso, Sam Otto, Roberto Urbina, Sheila Vand, Mike O’Malley, Chelsea Harris, and Steven Ogg. Set more than seven years after the world has become a frozen wasteland, the series centers on the remnants of humanity who inhabit a perpetually moving train, Snowpiercer, that circles the globe with hundreds of cars. In the second season, Layton (Diggs) and Ruth (Wright) were banished to Big Alice’s compost car and they plotted to take back Snowpiercer. With the help of Javier (Urbina) and Alexandra (Blanchard), Layton and Ruth made it back to the train and rallied with their supporters. Josie (McGuiness) destroyed the Aquarium car, separating Snowpiercer’s head from the remaining 1,023 cars.  

It was announced in June that season four would be the show’s final season and members of the cast were free to pursue other work. Deadline reports that the decision not to air the final episodes was made last month as part of Warner Bros. Discovery’s cuts for tax write-offs. Several shows on WBD’s other outlets — like TBS, HBO, and HBO Max — have also been cancelled and/or pulled in recent months.

“We can confirm that TNT will not air season four of Snowpiercer,” a spokesperson for the network said in a statement. “This was a difficult decision, but our admiration for the talented writers, actors and crew who brought Snowpiercer’s extraordinary post-apocalyptic world to life remains strong. We have been working collaboratively with the producers since last year to help the series find a new home where fans can continue to enjoy the compelling story and exceptional visual experience. We look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Though Snowpiercer is done on TNT, the final episodes have been finished and are being shopped to other outlets by Tomorrow Studios. Word is that the company is also hoping to sell a prequel and sequel with the hope of building Snowpierecer into a franchise.

“We love Snowpiercer and believe season four completes a story with incredible talent that will entertain viewers while exploring issues of climate change and class warfare. We are so passionate about this series that we have acquired the rights to control the franchise,” Tomorrow Studios’ Marty Adelstein, CEO/Partner, and Becky Clements, President/Partner, said in a statement. “We hope to find the perfect partner shortly and finish a great ride with the final season.”

What do you think? Have you kept up with the Snowpiercer series? Are you disappointed that it’s been dropped by TNT? Will you watch the finals season elsewhere?

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