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SHUT IN THEATER: Weekend Reading 144

The first Saturday of 2023 has arrived, and it brought Weekend Reading 144!

While it may be a new year, here at Stately Beat Manor, we’re still spending our weekends getting lost in a good book. What will you be paging through this weekend? The Beat wants to hear from you! Let us know, either right here in the comment section or over on social media @comicsbeat.

Weekend Reading 144
Weekend Reading 144: Maison Ikkoku Vol. 10.

AVERY KAPLAN: This weekend, I’ll be completing my journey through Maison Ikkoku by Rumiko Takahaski with the tenth volume of the Viz Signature release. 

Weekend Reading 144
Weekend Reading 144: Blue Lock.

DEAN SIMONS: Recently felt the urge to revisit the mid-‘00s Image series Elephantmen. I hadn’t read it in some time and decided to go back to the start. One of the things I enjoy about it – aside from some very interesting heady themes – is that Richard Starkings invokes so many references to classic British comics and scifi in those early issues with Moritat. Also, after a few weeks’ break, I am continuing my readthrough of Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Yusuke Nomura’s Blue Lock (a soccer manga which is still surprisingly entertaining for a guy who doesn’t have much interest in sports). 

Weekend Reading 144
Weekend Reading 144: Joy Operations.

TAIMUR DAR: Since subscribing to his Substack I’ve been on a Brian Michael Bendis kick lately. Having been first introduced to his work through Marvel back in the day, I thought I’d properly check out some of his non-superhero work I’ve been meaning to read for some time like Jinx, Pearl, and Joy Operations.

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