Random: Tails Gets His Game Face On In Sonic 2’s US Movie Poster

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Sonic’s second movie is almost here, and to help pass time, fans have been sifting through promotional materials to see if there are any interesting details.

Perhaps the highlight of the lot is Tails. On the Japanese poster he’s smiling, whereas outside of this region, he’s looking a lot more determined. While minor adjustments like this between regions aren’t exactly a new thing, this latest example has got a lot of people on social media talking about which “look” they prefer when it comes to video game characters like this.

The mood of Tails isn’t the only thing that’s slightly changed. There are some other far more subtle adjustments here and there, as noted in the below tweet:

Oh, and in case you missed it – Sonic’s second movie outing is known as Sonic VS Knuckles in Japan.

Once again, it’s not the first time we’ve seen changes like this – the same thing has happened to other video game mascots like Kirby, and even Crash Bandicoot over the years. What do you prefer – serious or happy video game mascots? Comment below.

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