Pokémon dev Game Freak partnering with Private Division for new action-adventure IP

Game Freak, Creatures and Nintendo are the 3 companies involved with making Pokemon games. However, just like Nintendo, Game Freak isn’t limiting themselves to just Pokemon. Earlier this year, they released Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On on the Apple Arcade subscription service. They’re also the developers of games such as Little Town Hero and HarmoKnight.

Well, their next non-Pokemon project has been teased today. There wasn’t a whole lot revealed about it though. It’s an action adventure IP called “Project Bloom”, and they’re teaming up with Take-Two Interactive publishing label Private Division to develop it. In fact, Take-Two twill be publishing the game. According to Game Freak, they said that this IP is “bold and tonally different” from their prior work.

So, with all that said, when is the game going to be releaseing? It’s going to be a long wait before it does, because it’s officially slated to release during Take-Two’s 2026 financial year. That means that it will be releaseing as early as April of 2025, or as late as March of 2026.


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