Jennifer Coolidge is having a huge Hollywood moment right now on the heels of her success from starring in The White Lotus, recently taking home a Golden Globe and starring alongside Jennifer Lopez in the new comedy Shotgun Wedding. However, the real ones remember her hilarious role as the stepmother to Hilary Duff’s Sam in
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Audio player loading… First released in 2009, the absolutely massive Jedi Academy mod Movie Duels (opens in new tab) dropped its sixth major update at the beginning of January. The project aims to recreate iconic lightsaber duels from throughout Star Wars history with Jedi Academy’s peerless lightsaber combat system. The Jedi Knight games have some
Ah, now this is more like it. Arriving in a clutch of three Psikyo remasters from City Connection, Dragon Blaze is the least ambitious of the bunch by quite a way. It does precious little that other Psikyo shooters haven’t done before, and – if you have any shoot ’em-up experience – it doesn’t deviate
’90s heartthrob and superstar Pamela Anderson’s name is back in the headlines, thanks to her forthcoming memoir Love, Pamela and a Netflix doc, Pamela, a Love Story. The last few days have seen a flurry of headlines surrounding claims made by Anderson. In her new book, the Home Improvement alum alleges everything from co-star Tim