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Oops, all Malenia: fan-favorite Elden Ring player replaces every enemy with secret megaboss and tries to beat the game

PCG Gamer of the Year (opens in new tab) Let Me Solo Her is back at it again, baby. As reported by Kotaku (opens in new tab), LMSH, famous for his nude, dual katana-wielding, pot-helmed avatar and repeated shepherding of other players past secret megaboss Malenia, has started streaming (opens in new tab) a run of Elden Ring where every enemy is, in fact, Malenia.

I’m not sure what mod LMSH is using to make the swap⁠—maybe some custom parameters on the Item and Enemy Randomizer (opens in new tab) by thefifthmatt⁠—but he’s also rocking FiftyTifty’s simply-titled Aggression Mod (opens in new tab), which makes enemies immediately home in on you from any range once spawned. An entire countryside of forbidden sword technique goddesses of decay immediately lock on and pursue LMSH on entering an area, making for this almost Risk of Rain-like ratcheting up of the peril as he scurries from Grace to Grace.

LMSH’s goals for the run are to collect his signature pot helm from Alexander’s quest, never level up Vigor, and beat the game. Currently he’s got the starting samurai helm to complete his ensemble, making for a sort of depowered, Samus-at-the-beginning-of-Metroid (opens in new tab) vibe before he collects his signature hat. In his initial two-hour stream, LMSH murdered lovable samurai dope Yurah for his Sephiroth sword before taking on Malenia the Fell Omen and Malenia the Grafted.

He started running into trouble with Malenia, Queen of the Full Moon though. Not only does she have a cramped, cluttered boss room, but every instance of Malenia in the mod carries both of her health bars. With a two-phase boss like Rennala, that’s actually two separate Malenia spawns making for a four-phase boss.

Thankfully, the mod offers the small mercy of not turning all of Rennala’s little baby scholar minions into Malenias as well⁠—there’s just the one. That setup would probably be too much of a CPU melter anyway. As LMSH notes, the mod already “makes your game kinda laggy since it wasn’t meant to support that many Malenias.”

LMSH indicated that the run will continue today, and you can catch it live or in VOD form over on his YouTube channel (opens in new tab). As one Elden Ring Malenia murderer soldiers on, another has recently retired (opens in new tab). Player JPNB (opens in new tab) could finally end his “Fighting Malenia with a different build every week until Elden Ring DLC News” series since we finally got that Elden Ring DLC news. I look forward to all these gamers eventually having to fight Blue Malenia (opens in new tab) in Shadow of the Erdtree. 

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