Netflix Announces New Dr. Seuss Content for Preschoolers


Netflix will be delving further into the wacky world of Dr. Seuss. The streamer has just announced an extended partnership with Dr. Seuss Enterprises to develop five new animated preschool series and specials based on the various works of the legendary children’s book author. Titles confirmed to get new projects through the deal include Horton Hears a Who!; The Sneetches; One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish; and Wacky Wednesday. Lovable characters like Thidwick the Big-Hearted Moose will also be involved.

Executive Producer Dustin Ferrer (Esme & Roy, Shimmer & Shine, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood) serves as showrunner across all five of the series and specials, with additional showrunners soon to be revealed. According to Netflix, the new content lineup will anchor the company’s expanded focus on preschool. This new focus will introduce concepts of foundational learning, with the programming slate set to “explore themes of diversity and respect for others all told through fun and engaging stories that incorporate the whimsical humor, distinctive visuals and rhythmic style of Dr. Seuss.”

“Netflix is a trusted home for characters kids love, and generations of kids love the characters imagined by Dr. Seuss,” Heather Tilert, Director of Preschool Content, Netflix, said in a statement. “These beloved stories have been a core part of families’ libraries for many years, and it gives me great pride that we are bringing them to our catalog of Netflix shows, in a fresh and modern way that resonates with audiences today.”

Susan Brandt, President and CEO of Dr. Seuss Enterprises, added: “Dr. Seuss Enterprises is proud of the collaborative relationship we share with Netflix. We are always looking for new and engaging ways to share our stories, characters and messages with the next generation of fans, and Netflix has a unique ability to create original, delightful adaptations of our timeless classics with an emphasis on imagination, fun, and education. Our partnership has been very prosperous thus far with our award-winning animated series Green Eggs and Ham. We hope to continue that success with our upcoming projects.”

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Netflix Has Ventured Into the Dr. Seuss Universe With Green Eggs & Ham


In 2019, Netflix debuted the series Green Eggs and Ham, based on the popular Dr. Seuss story of the same name. The series turned out to be a hit, as it pulled in high viewership and was acclaimed by critics. This prompted Netflix to order a second season of Green Eggs and Ham, which is due to arrive in April. The second season is dubbed Green Eggs and Ham: The Second Serving and is inspired by The Butter Battle Book.

You can watch the first season of Green Eggs and Ham on, with season 2 set to arrive on April 8, 2022. Below you can find the information about the new Dr. Seuss content coming to Netflix for preschoolers.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

  • Logline: This series follows the adventures of two loveable fish who are different in every way. Red and Blue consistently find themselves in comedic situations that allow them to introduce oppositional vocabulary to our preschool viewers.
  • Format: Series, 7-min eps and 2-min music videos
  • Animation: 2D

The Sneetches

  • Logline: As long as there have been Sneetches on beaches, the Star-Bellies and Moon-Bellies have lived separate lives. But when two young Sneetches form an unlikely friendship, they teach their communities that differences don’t need to be avoided, they can be celebrated.
  • Format: 45-min special
  • Animation: 3D

Wacky Wednesday

  • Logline:In an otherwise perfectly normal town, whenever Wednesday rolls around things suddenly get wacky! Luckily, this town has a ten-year-old Wacky Expert who knows that humor inspires creativity and never fails to solve every wacky problem with an equally wacky solution.
  • Format: Series, 11-min eps
  • Animation: Mixed Media

Horton Hears a Who!

  • Logline: This series follows a young Horton as he explores the Jungle of Nool with his two best friends: going on daring adventures, helping their community, and learning how to stand up for what’s fair.
  • Format: Series, 11-min eps
  • Animation: 3D

Thidwick The Big-Hearted Moose

  • Logline: When a grumpy moose leader decides that he wants to be the happiest moose in the pack, he calls upon sweet Thidwick to help him. As this unlikely duo embarks on a comical adventure, Thidwick discovers that the key to happiness is being kind to others.
  • Format: 45-min special
  • Animation: 3D

Several Dr. Seuss Books Stop Publication Because of Racist and Insensitive Imagery
Several Dr. Seuss Books Stop Publication Because of Racist and Insensitive Imagery

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