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My 2022 Top Three: Kelly Knox

Last year may have seemed to fly by, but it was pretty packed when it came to DC movies, comics, TV and (for the first time in a few years) games! We all have our own personal favorites, reflecting our unique tastes and interests, and all of them are worth highlighting. So, like we’ve done in the past, we’re saying goodbye to 2022 by letting members of the writing team share their top three DC favorites for the year.

Our second list comes from Ink Spots contributor and dad joke lover, Kelly Knox!

It’s not an exaggeration to say that DC had something for everyone in 2022! No matter your age or how long you’ve been a comics fan, DC’s impressive slate of movies, TV series, graphic novels and comics had the perfect story just for you. Any one of the tales told during this momentous year is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry or maybe even…dream.

These are the stories that spoke to me the most in 2022. What’s on your list?

The Sandman: “Dream of a Thousand Cats”

Are we sure this unexpected bonus episode of The Sandman wasn’t actually a dream? Okay, it’s real, but it absolutely feels like a fairy tale. This adaptation of The Sandman #18—which you can read right now on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE—is enchanting from start to finish.

Under the stars one quiet night, a regal cat tells her tale of heartbreak and hope. After losing her kittens at the hands of a cruel human, the cat seeks the King of Cats in the Dreaming. She walks through a harsh and unforgiving landscape to reach him and ask why cats are at the mercy of man’s whims. “Dreams shape the world,” the cat learns from the enigmatic King.

The main series of The Sandman is packed with so much to ponder as it is, but this unforgettable episode gives us even more to think about. What could we accomplish together if we shared a common dream?

(And listen for that Neil Gaiman cameo, my favorite part!)

Constantine: Distorted Illusions

Is there anything more magical than John Constantine as a Constan-teen? Any story featuring a Constantine is an instant buy for me, so Constantine: Distorted Illusions by Kami Garcia and Isaac Goodhart was one of my most anticipated graphic novels this year. And, of course, it didn’t disappoint. A retelling of his days in his band, Mucous Membrane, Distorted Illusions also adds a new wrinkle to the John all know and love: parents.

John’s father only gets in touch when he wants something. John’s mother, recently remarried, hopes her son can hone his magical talents. She offers to send the 18-year-old to America to study with a renowned sorcerer. John agrees, but he has his own plans, which include joining his friend Veronica’s band. When one of the band members begins to dabble in sorcery to add some spark to their performances, things quickly go awry, as they often do when John is involved.

Each page of this graphic novel is gorgeous. The character design is mesmerizing. Constantine and his friends’ clothes are effortlessly stylish with a dash of rock n’ roll. You can practically hear the punk music drifting up through the panels. The black and purple palette of the book adds to that punk atmosphere along with hints of chaos and danger.

Even at eighteen years old, Constantine is cool, but he’s still got a lot to learn. I hope that means we get even more stories about his days as a (literal) young punk.

DC League of Super-Pets

From every subtle facial expression to the ingenious jokes delivered with the perfect deadpan, DC League of Super-Pets is simply a delight. Quick gags and delicious surprises fire off one after another in this animated adventure, and you might not look at your favorite Justice Leaguer the same way again after watching it. (Superman is now and forever a fan of The Great British Baking Show in my mind.)

There’s some serious star power among the Super-Pets’ ranks, but their lively performances give the impression that they’re having just as much fun as everyone else. So much fun, in fact, that even some improvised lines ended up making their way into the final film! Add to that plenty of deep cuts for DC fans and an exceedingly clever post-credits scene and you have one of my favorite superhero movies this year.

Don’t miss our previous list from writer Alex Jaffe, and be sure to drop by tomorrow for another “Top Three of 2022” list!

Kelly Knox writes about all-ages comics and animation for and her writing can also be seen on IGN, Nerdist and more. Follow her on Twitter at @kelly_knox to talk superheroes, comics and pop culture.

NOTE: The views and opinions expressed in this feature are solely those of Kelly Knox and do not necessarily reflect those of DC Entertainment or Warner Bros.

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