Move Over Yvette, Clue Fans Can’t Get Enough Of The New Mrs. White

Every so often, the fine folks over at Hasbro redesign Clue. Now and again, this process involves a bigger overhaul that includes new characters, new rooms and/ or new weapons, but more often than not, it’s more of a cosmetic thing that just involves giving the six classic characters a new visual look. These new looks don’t typically attract a ton of attention, but then again, Mrs. White has never been redesigned to look a sexy badass chef with confident and dark energy. Her haircut is pretty sweet too.

The official designs for the new game were dropped last week, and they got fans talking almost immediately. Mrs. White isn’t the only one that looks a whole lot better too. Others have been lusting after the new characters too including Miss Scarlet, who is still rocking a knockout dress and even Colonel Mustard who is still older but looks extremely well put together. Check out this box design from the official Hasbro page…

Sexy isn’t exactly the first adjective anyone associated with Clue, at least until the 1985 movie adaptation came out and key supporting character Yvette walked through the door. Her French maid outfit attracted more than its share of doubletakes from the characters in the movie, but fans also went crazy for the sultry Miss Scarlet, the dark and twisty Mrs. White and even a younger Christopher Lloyd who played Professor Plum. 

Now that collective horiness is back thanks to the new character designs, and fans cannot get enough, especially of Mrs. White. Check out this tweet from journalist Christian Hoffer with more than 17,000 likes…

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And that’s far from the only tweet talking about how good Mrs. White looks. There are many others thirsting after the murder suspect. Some wonder if she’s still Mrs. White. Some use gifs to express how worked up they are, and many are talking about how she looks like she’s adding hot LGBT representation.

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Clue is maybe the best board game ever created. It’s absolutely terrific and like Monopoly, adapts and changes based on who you are playing with and what their strategies are. It’s a delight every single time, and I’m not surprised at all new generations enjoy it enough to get updated versions.

There has also been a great push over the last several years to get a new film version of Clue made, probably because the original is spectacular with one of the most inventive endings ever. Jason Bateman was in talks for a long time, but eventually had to leave because of scheduling issues. Now it’s being pushed forward by Ryan Reynolds, alongside Oren Uziel, the director of The Lost City. It’ll get finished and be available at some point. If I had to guess, some of the cast members will, in fact, be sexy, though we’ll have to see if they have anything on the original cast or this new animated version of Mrs. White.

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