Moss: Book 2 Arrives on PSVR at the End of the Month

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The northern hemisphere gets their first day of spring on Sunday, March 20, and it’s a brand new season for upcoming game releases. One of those games due to be released in spring was Moss: Book II. What developer Polyarc actually meant was that Moss: Book 2 was arriving barely into spring as its release date falls at the end of the month.

When will Moss: Book II be released?

Moss: Book II will be released on PlayStation VR on March 31. Set after the events of the first game, young mouse Quill will once again attempt to save the world of Moss. Will she manage to defeat the Arcane with the help of her friends, both old and new? At the same time as the announcement, Polyarc joined PlayStation Blog to reveal more than 10 minutes of gameplay in the new environments players will explore. While the footage will spoil things for players who want to go in with as little information as possible, Polyarc’s design director Josh Stiksma deliberately left out many of the things they want players to find out on their own.

The footage begins in the gardens outside of the castle, a couple of chapters into the game. By this time, both Quill and the Reader have new abilities. For example, the Reader can now grow vines on walls and create bridges with them to help Quill get to otherwise unreachable places. For her part, Quill can now climb. There’s also a glance at a new enemy, the Ripper, a caterpillar-like creature that can be turned into a wrecking ball. The footage then moves into a new environment, the Foundry beneath the castle. Here there’s a glimpse at new weapons and more new enemies.

In other news, Roller Champions has resurfaced to tell us it isn’t canceled, just delayed until late spring. Elsewhere, Babylon’s Fall will continue to receive support and the developer outlined the changes players can expect in the immediate and more distant future.

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