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Monochromatic dungeon crawler UnderDungeon is out now

UnderDungeon Xbox

Your first day at a new job likely involves meeting colleagues, finding your way around the office kitchen, and contacting the IT department to fix your ‘new’ laptop. It doesn’t typically involve sharpening a sword and then slicing away at enemies in a dungeon, but then again, this isn’t a typical job. Find out what is needed from you in UnderDungeon, out today on Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

In UnderDungeon you play as a delivery cat called Kimuto, starting a new job. It feels like you are thrown in at the deep end though, dealing with all manner of monsters and bosses to defeat. The upside is that your colleagues and allies are all very friendly!

UnderDungeon also features:

  • Dungeon crawler game being a tribute to classics
  • Surprising gameplay mix
  • Deep story and lots of charismatic characters
  • Tons of great humour and secrets to discover
  • Original and polished 1-bit visual design
  • Catchy music and juicy sound effects

UnderDungeon is loving homage to classic games such as The Legend of Zelda, Gauntlet and Dragon Quest. All whilst putting their own spin on things with mechanics and level designs from other genres. There is plenty to see and do in UnderDungeon.

UnderDungeon is on the Xbox Store priced at £11.74. If you want to experience an unusual first day of a new job there is a discount dropping to the price down to £9.39 for a limited period. And stay tuned for our review coming soon, giving you everything you need to know.

Game description

Armed to the teeth This fantasy world let’s you fight in a variety of ways. Magical bubbles, a boomerang cannon or a classic longsword can go a long way in this foreign land. Every one of your weapons can be further upgraded to unlock their hidden potential. Interesting world Enjoy stylized 2D graphics, and mini games. Every character you meet has something interesting to say…maybe except for the ducks. Other then that, pay close attention to all of them. Hidden secrets Throughout the map, you’ll find secret areas with some very strange fellows. What could they be up to? There is only one way to find out.

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