M3GAN 2 Is Officially Happening, And I’m Here For The Title

As M3GAN continues to win hearts and hard drives with her reign of terror in theaters, the buzz surrounding a potential sequel has been growing. The box office performance of the 2023 new movie release has been impressive enough to stoke those fires even higher, with everyone waiting for what seemed like an impending announcement. 

Well, the wait is over, as M3GAN 2 is officially happening, and I’m totally here for it considering it has the perfect title. Per reporting from Variety, the new film is titled M3GAN 2.0, which deftly avoids the problem of having an origin story with a 3 in the title. 

Naturally, no plot details are available at the moment, as even evil A.I.s need time to regroup. However, we do know that the movie is slated for a January 17, 2025 release, with some talent from the original film already slated to return. That information alone shows where this next M3GAN adventure could be going. 

Naturally, screenwriter Akela Cooper has been brought back for M3GAN 2.0, as her architecture made it all possible. Casting-wise, the report above has mentioned that Allison Williams and Violet McGraw will also be returning as Gemma and Cady, respectively. The only key player in question is director Gerald Johnstone, as the upcoming horror movie doesn’t have a director currently attached. 

From that information alone, we can safely assume that the next M3GAN story will continue to follow the aunt and niece pair that created and ran afoul of everyone’s new killer doll obsession. While we won’t spoil it here, M3GAN’s ending absolutely leaves that door open, because this is a horror movie after all. Rarely does a killer like an autonomous A.I. with a thirst for knowledge and death ever quit after its first attempt. 

Producer and story collaborator James Wan had already entertained the possibility of a wider universe that M3GAN only hints at, and M3GAN 2.0 will more than likely reap the benefits from those thoughts. While the particulars of how this fresh hell will rear its head again are obviously hidden at this time, it’s still a delicious tease to think about what could be happening in two years from now. 

If it wasn’t for Jason Blum breaking his cardinal rule, as well as the internet embracing M3GAN through its mighty meme machine, we may not have gotten this news as quickly as we did. Humanity is officially on notice, as M3GAN 2.0 will boot up in theaters on January 17, 2025, and who knows what tricks she’ll have up her sleeve after two more years of learning?

Meanwhile, us simple meatbags can prepare our future strategies by seeing M3GAN, which is currently showing at a theater near you. Everyone has to be prepared for when the metal ones come for us… and they will.

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