The Evolution of Safety

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Cut through the noise and confusion of the pandemic to provide gamified germ awareness training people will remember.


Empower people to operate safely with highly relevant content tailored to your physical space.

 See how we used Germ Safe to create GSI for COVID-19 awareness.

Local Overview


LOCI is the evolution of safety. Our team has created the world’s first location-based learning management system that transforms conventional training into meaningful, memorable experiences. Location should be the cornerstone of your safety program for two reasons: relevance and retention.  

LOCI turns your physical space into a classroom so that people learn how to stay safe right where that knowledge is applied. Our gamified, place-based learning systems engage the brain in multiple ways, which means people form deeper, more durable memories of what they learn. Our innovative, mobile-first products make it easy and accessible for every organization to reduce the risk of injury and claims. 

 The platform is built for learning and safety managers, fire safety consultants and those liable for the safety of others. Our powerful API connects security clearance and check-in management to our location-centric safety training systems distributed by LOCI or any Learning Management System, ensuring everyone knows what they need to know, where they need to know it, in order to stay safe.

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