Lin-Manuel Miranda Breaks Down Why ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ Is in Encanto


It seems that everyone is talking about Bruno and the Disney movie Encanto, the story of the Madrigal family that took the world by storm after hitting Disney+ in November last year following a relatively low-key cinematic run. Unlike many Disney offerings that become instant smash hits, Encanto took its time to take hold of its audiences, but when it did there was no stopping it. Thanks in part to the chart success of the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”, Encanto is now set to be a whole new franchise for the House of Mouse. However, songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda didn’t expect “Bruno” to be the song that everyone took to their hearts thanks to its story-driven content.

Miranda recently opened up to Collider about where “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” came from, and how he was completely shocked by the song becoming the first ever Disney track to top the U.S. and U.K. music charts simultaneously. According to Miranda, one of the biggest reasons for his surprise came from the fact the song was originally just a pitch to make sure that certain members of the Madrigal family actually had some lines in the movie. He said:

“But it’s straight-up crazy, because it’s an ensemble number with characters that are not really the main character, each getting solos. They overlap, and you kind of have to have seen the movie to understand what’s going on. So it’s just the least likely candidate for breakout success possible. I couldn’t have engineered a more unlikely success, but again, it gets back to the biggest obstacle in this movie was hanging onto as many of these characters as possible and revealing them to each other in interesting new ways. I pitched this song as a proof of concept that we could hold them all, because I said, if we do a gossip number, we can hear from the other characters who aren’t going to get their own solos.

“I can write a Dolores verse, I can write a Camilo verse, and we can hear what their musical voices sound like without devoting the real estate of an entire tune to them. That was literally the pitch. And the side result of that is you’ve got Camilo stans, and you’ve got Dolores stans, and it became actually this on-ramp for all these different folks, everyone has a different part. It’s a karaoke number where everyone gets to, it becomes an all skate. I’m so thrilled and happily surprised by it, but it also, it makes people want to watch the movie so they can understand what the song’s about.”

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Encanto Has Claimed A Number of Awards and Has Oscar Glory in its Sights.


Like many Disney movies, Encanto has picked up a lot of award nominations and has so far claimed Golden Globes and BAFTA awards. All eyes now turn to the Academy Awards where the film is nominated for a number of awards including Best Animated Film and Best Song, both of which it has a good chance of walking away with.

However, while many would expect breakout track “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” to have been the song to be nominated, it is actually the Spanish language track “Dos Oruguitas that has the chance of winning the award. This is the song that was chosen for submission to the Academy long before the other tracks all hit the Top Ten in the singles chart, and according to Manuel shows the “heart” of the movie, so would have always been his Oscar choice.

We will see how Encanto does at the iconic awards ceremony at the end of the month.

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