Jeremy Renner Shares Message From His Hospital Bed While Continuing Recovery From Snowplow Incident

After Jeremy Renner was hit by a snowplow and airlifted to the hospital, fans have been waiting for health updates about the Avengers actor. As the first few weeks of his recovery have gone by, he’s posted a few updates, made it clear he’s in “excellent care” and just took to his Instagram stories to share a message with his fans. 

The video on his Instagram story shows Renner being wheeled in a bed into a room at the hospital for a medical scan. As he’s being rolled around, he says “once again,” probably implying this is not the first or the last time he’ll be in this room. Just hearing his voice is reassuring, and it helps us fans know he is on his way toward hopefully a full recovery. His message: “I wish you all a very special night,” also gives me hope that he’s in good spirits on his long road to recovery.

Jeremy Renner posted a video being wheeled around the hospital wishing his fans a special night.

(Image credit: Jeremy Renner’s Instagram)

News broke about Renner’s accident on January 1, and it was reported that he was in “critical but stable condition.” It was explained that the actor had heavy bleeding from his head and other body parts, he also had a “collapsed” chest and a “crushed” upper torso. While we don’t know everything about what happened, it’s clear the actor is surrounded by his family and friends, and his doctors are helping him heal. 

A few days ago we got an update that Renner’s sister Kym said she is positive about her brother’s recovery, saying his family is “thrilled with his progress.” She also noted that the Hawkeye star is “crushing all the progress goals.” 

Renner has also shared updates on his own social media, posting that he was grateful for all the “kind words,” but was “too messed up now to type.” Hugh Dillon, Renner’s friend and the co-creator of Mayor of Kingstown, said he received a more personal profane message from Renner as well. The actor and musician told CinemaBlend that he was so scared for his friend, but once he got that video he knew he’d be OK. 

Along with Renner’s video, he’s also been promoting the second season of his series Mayor of Kingstown, which premieres this weekend over the last day. One way he’s advertising the show is by taking a moment on his IG to show fans a cool poster that was spotted while he was sleeping. 

Jeremy Renner posting a photo of a Mayor of Kingstown billboard on his IG story

(Image credit: Jeremy Renner’s Instagram)

It’s encouraging to see Renner back at it, promoting his show, and updating the fans. Hopefully, he has a speedy recovery, and he can be back working on new projects sooner rather than later.

While Renner heals, the second season of his series Mayor of Kingstown makes its debut on the 2023 TV schedule Sunday, January 15. So, while we wait for more updates about Renner’s health, you can watch him this Sunday with a Paramount+ subscription.  

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