Inside Job: Season Two Cancelled Despite Netflix’s Renewal of Animated Series

Inside Job TV show on Netflix: canceled, no season 2

(Photo by: Netflix)

Once upon a time, fans could relax once their show had been renewed for another season. Not any longer. Several shows have had their renewals rescinded in the past week, and we now have another one. Netflix has changed its mind and cancelled the Inside Job TV series, so there won’t be a second season after all.

An adult animated sci-fi comedy series, the Inside Job TV show was created by Shion Takeuchi, a former Gravity Falls writer. It stars Lizzy Caplan, Christian Slater, and Clark Duke, with Andrew Daly, Bobby Lee, John DiMaggio, Tisha Campbell, and Brett Gelman. The story revolves around the shadow government and the dysfunctional team whose daily grind is committing the world’s conspiracies — from convoluted coverups to secret societies to masked orgy etiquette. However, navigating the office culture at Cognito Inc. can be tricky, especially for anti-social tech genius Reagan Ridley (Caplan). Even in a workplace filled with reptilian shapeshifters and psychic mushrooms, she’s seen as the odd one out for believing the world could be a better place. Reagan thinks she can make a difference, if only she could manage her unhinged, manifesto-writing father (Slater), her irresponsible coworkers, and finally snag the promotion she’s been dreaming about.

The Inside Job series was given an initial 20-episode order, and it premiered in October 2021 with 10 episodes, aka part one of the first season. The second part of the season was released over a year later, in November 2022, and was comprised of eight installments. The show was renewed for a second season in June 2022.

Today, Takeuchi revealed that Inside Job wouldn’t be returning, via a Twitter post, Takeuchi wrote,

“I’m heartbroken to confirm that Netflix has decided to cancel season two of Inside Job.

Over the years, these characters have become real people to me, and I am devastated not to be able to watch them grow up. Reagan and Brett deserved to get their ending and finally find happiness. And I would have loved to [have] been able to share what was in store with you all.

To everyone who watched, thank you for coming along on the ride. Even though I’m sad, it helps to know that there’s people out there who cared just as much about these characters as me.”

What do you think? Have you watched the first season of the Inside Job series? Are you disappointed that there won’t be a second season after all?

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