Hunters Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Blutsbande

An abduction derails the hunters’ mission, but this might be just the thing that gets them Hitler.

Now down three members, the team goes after to find and hopefully rescue Clara on Hunters Season 2 Episode 5. Meyer tried to recruit one more member to his team in the past, but things didn’t go exactly as planned.

Jonah faces the constant question of what the future holds for him and Clara now that everything is out in the open.

But before trying to answer said question, he must first rescue her from a maniac in every sense.

The team gets Joe back, but considering the trouble he has caused them, he is not received enthusiastically.

Chava’s dedication to the hunting mission came off strongly in the episode.

She was willing to let what happened to Clara happen if it meant they had to continue hunting Hitler. She was so close to victory that she could taste it.

Chava: Thirty years. Thirty years I’ve been searching for this man. We are closer now than ever. Our responsibility is to the six million, not to his shiksa girlfriend!
Jonah: I’m not gonna just let them kill her.
Chava: This is bigger than you, Jonah.

Dedication to a cause, especially if it is a just cause, is something to be admired. But even the most just causes require someone to step back and look at things without the blinders that develop over time when someone gets too immersed in a certain world.

Even after they found some clues about where Clara might be, she went out of her way to ask Jonah to break it up with Clara, claiming that it would be the best way that he could protect her. And maybe she was right.

But at the risk of sounding like a broken record, love doesn’t care about reasoning or justification.

If one did not have any respect for Clara until now, and I know she didn’t inspire any, coming out of this episode, one can’t help but admire her.

Yes, she’s chatty, rash, and maybe annoying, but that helps her.

In the true fashion of Nazis, Travis tried to convince her that what he was doing was not all that awful and, hey, look, Jonah had done worse.

You’re scared of me? You were gonna marry Jonah, and you’re scared of me? Do you know how many people he’s killed? He shot them, slit their throats, electrocuted ’em? Hell, I heard he even killed a little boy, an innocent child, just… eight years old. You, my dear, have been sharing a bed, a life with a cold-blooded murderer. You never… felt it? When he was inside you?


We learned what happened in Spain and what led to the team scattering all over the globe. Jonah accidentally killed a child. We didn’t see the particulars of the accident, but it must have been pretty bad if they broke up over it.

Something developed between Millie and Sister Harriet. Honestly, did anyone anticipate or see that coming? It makes sense, however, considering how close they work and Millie’s secret to Harriet.

I am a sucker for surprise ships.

The Colonel started to lose her patience with Hitler. She did something that many people do when they are close to someone with power. They also begin to get deluded into thinking that they also wield it.

Despite being old, he reminded her she should know her place and that he still has power.

Meyer’s exploits lead him to Germany, where he is looking to recruit one more member for his merry band of hunters. On arrival, however, he misses the man he came to look for, and while waiting, he decides, why not visit the past?

He visited his former village and his family’s shop. A lot has changed. They now sold pork, and his granddaughter is now all grown. She is twenty, reminding him how much time has passed.

He also gets the urge to visit his mother’s grave, which betrays his identity. On being found out, why not kill one more person? He has lost count of the number he has killed so far; it doesn’t affect him anymore.

Meyer: Stones… do not die. Stones do not wither. Stones are permanent, like memories.
Tomas: Like the memory of everyone that you murdered, Wilhelm.
Meyer: You think I don’t know that? If only you weren’t so good. Some ghosts need to stay hidden.

Ruth’s instincts turn out to be correct when she snoops around Meyer’s and finds his Nazi memorabilia. It was all the evidence she needed to find the wolf.

Roxy, while fighting for her life, has flashbacks into the past. In the past, she remembers the promises she had made to people close to her and how she might not get the chance to fulfill them if she died. This, and Lonny’s dedication to finding her treatment, saved her from the jaws of death.

Joe’s recovery from the brainwashing started with Clara. She asked him the most basic of questions, forcing him to try and figure out who he was and what he was doing there.

When she manages to run, and he follows her, he sees something that triggers a specific memory that helps unravel the brainwashing.

We had all been wondering what happened to Joe, and after seeing the fragments of his memory, I’m not sure we need to know.

Hitler must have done a number on him, which wasn’t pretty.

The episode ended with the Hunters being closer to their goal than ever.

I know where Hitler is. I can take you to him.


And that’s what doing the right thing gets you. It might not seem like it, but things finally work out. If they had opted to go on a chase to find Hitler, they might not even be close to finding him.

Moral lesson: do the right thing, and the universe will solve some of your problems.

Travis is no more. He was my favorite villain, and I will surely miss his insane antics.

There is a slight chance that what Joe is doing is what he has been programmed to do, and he might deliver them to The Fuhrer.

We always love hearing what you think, so let us know your feelings about this rescue.

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