Humans are on the menu in Cannibal Cuisine

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Cannibal Cuisine Xbox Launch

Like it or loathe it, Overcooked! set the template for cooperative cooking mayhem. It may have caused more arguments than adultery but sometimes players needed reminding that you were still working together. But if you want something a bit more competitive along the same lines, here is something for you. Cannibal Cuisine releases today on Xbox and PlayStation.

In an effort to appease the god Hoochooboo, the local tribesmen are serving up some fine delicacies. Namely, human meat from the scores of tourists coming to their land. Serving this unusual source of meat along with veggies and fruits from the local fauna, the tribes can prepare some delicious meals.

Upto four players locally and online can join in the action across the campaign that features over 20 levels. In true fashion, these kitchens are exactly ergonomically created. Expect to be dodging spikes, water, tourists and even other ‘chefs’ all in the name of fine dining.

As well as questionable food preparation, Cannibal Cuisine features a variety of minigames that may or may not have been created by the gods purely for their amusement. Jungle arenas, mazes and races against the Spiky Log of Doom will help change up the intensity from the heat of the kitchen.

Key features include:

  • Tour the island – Ready, steady, cook your way through 20+ levels in a full campaign across the island. Overcome spikes in mysterious temples, bushwhack your way through tourist infested jungles, stay out of the water at the beach, and dodge the lava boiling around the volcano.
  • Other-foodly activities – All kinds of extra-culinary skills are also needed to appease Hoochooboo. Skills such as outrunning the Spiky Log of Doom™, defeating waves of tourists and the tour boss in the jungle arena, as well as other challenge levels to prove yourself as the one true cook.
  • Choose your cooking style – Special powers are the perfect ingredients to success, allowing you to dash, place healing totems or even breathe fire. In multiplayer each chef can choose a different ability to fit their personal cooking style.
  • Foodfest or Foodfight – Cook your way through hell’s kitchen solo or with up to 4 chefs. Challenge each other to foodfights in PvP! With so many chefs in the kitchen, chaos is sure to follow.

Can we interest you in today’s specials? We have a review for you to peruse over that can be found here.

Available to download now, Cannibal Cuisine will cost £10.74 on the Xbox Store. You probably won’t be winning any Michelin stars with human meat on the menu, but you can still have some fun. Just don’t ask us for any help in the comments below; there could have been human meat on the menus after our Overcooked sessions such was the fallouts we had.

Game description

The god Hoochooboo is hungry… for you. But serving is better than being served in this co-op cook ’em up! Chop up vegetables, fruits and tourists and serve your divine delicacies in arcade style with up to 4 chefs!

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