Guide: Nintendo Switch Online Missions And Rewards: January 2023 – Fire Emblem, Switch Sports, Animal Crossing, N64

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Nintendo first added ‘Missions’ and ‘Rewards’ to its Nintendo Switch Online subscription service in April 2022.

These elements can be accessed by navigating to the NSO icon on your Switch home screen, then selecting the ‘Missions & Rewards’ section. Here, you’ll find a list of available missions, which are related to (as Nintendo puts it) “things you’re probably already doing with your Nintendo Switch Online membership, like playing online or trying out the library of classic games.”

Nintendo Switch Online Missions & Rewards

So, what do you get for taking part in these missions? Platinum Points, that’s what. These can be redeemed for items in the My Nintendo Store as usual, but also “new member-exclusive icon elements you can collect and put together to create a new user icon.”

NSO Rewards Screen EN
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Online Missions & Rewards: Jan 2023

Each month will have a different theme and icon elements will be refreshed each and every week. Remember, to get the N64 icons, you need to be subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.

Check your Switch for this week’s missions. Here are this week/month’s rewards:

Fire Emblem Engage Missions
Image: Nintendo
Nintendo Switch Sports Missions
Image: Nintendo
Animal Crossing January Missions
Image: Nintendo
N64 Missions
Image: Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Online Missions & Rewards: How To Earn Platinum Points

It’s easy. As explained above, you simply navigate to the Missions & Rewards section of the NSO app on your Switch console and look at the currently-available Missions. Complete these and you’ll earn Platinum Points.

Be aware that the time between completing a mission and the points showing in your account can sometimes be quite large, especially at busy times. If your points don’t show right away, check back later.

Remember, there are also chances to earn Platinum Points via your My Nintendo account, too.

Nintendo Switch Online Missions & Rewards: How To Unlock Icon Elements

What are icon elements, you ask? These are frames, characters and background elements that you can use to customise your user icon on your Switch console. This is the icon that people see when you’re online, too, so there’s a motivation to make yours as unique as possible.

Once you’ve got enough Platinum Points saved, simply select the icon element you want and purchase it. Note that in order to change your ‘reward’ icon elements, you’ll need to be in the NSO online app. You cannot customise reward elements in the standard Switch UI.

NSO Icon Elements EN
Image: Nintendo

Previously available Nintendo Switch Online Missions & Rewards

2023 Rewards

2022 Rewards

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