GoldenEye 007 arrives on Friday with Switch Online + Expansion Pack

Update: Also coming to Xbox Game Pass on same date.

The iconic secret agent 007 will soon be entering the Nintendo 64 library on Nintendo Switch. Starting 27th January, GoldenEye 007 will be available for everyone with a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership as part of the Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online library of games. 

Enter a world of espionage as Bond in GoldenEye 007. Your covert operation to stop the GoldenEye weapon satellite spans the globe – you’ll infiltrate underground bases, charge through a military train and slink around the depths of a jungle. Along the way, M will brief you on your objectives and Q Branch will support your efforts with an array of gadgets, but the ultimate success of this mission is yours alone. Save the day, then go for the gold in spy-vs-spy action locally** or online in the four-player multiplayer mode and enjoy round after round of first-person competitive action.

There’s even more to experience and look forward to with a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership, including more classic Nintendo 64 titles and other features:

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass Wave 3: More courses recently made their way to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with Wave 3 of the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass DLC Wave 3 features eight additional courses, including Merry Mountain from Mario Kart Tour and Peach Gardens from Mario Kart DS. Enjoy Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – Booster Course Pass for no additional cost as part of a paid Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership. With this latest wave, 24 of the DLC’s additional 48 courses are now available. Download now and get all courses as they release between now and the end of 2023.
  • Even More Nintendo 64 Games: Hit the dice block with the recently released Mario Party and Mario Party 2. This year even more titles will be gradually added to the Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online library of games, including 1080 Snowboarding, Excitebike 64 and Pokémon Stadium 2.

Source: Nintendo UK

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