Godfall Getting ‘Every Major Fan-requested Feature’ Since Launch

PS4 & PS5

Counterplay Games and Gearbox Publishing have announced Godfall ‘Exalted’ update, which will add “every major fan-requested feature tracked since launch.” Highlights include enhanced story, overhauled combat, changes to realm bosses, and much more.

Godfall Exalted update details

Fan-requested quality of life enhancements will include plenty of “awesome” new loot, and a new menu loadout that grants players the ability to save up to three custom builds per Valorplate along with unique skill grids. There will also be a new Spirit Realms mode for up to six players that comes with the following features:

  • Matchmake with up to five other players for Godfall‘s greatest co-op experience to date!
  • Utilize Spirit Vision to battle enemies and discover secrets hidden between the Material and Spirit planes as you collect Elder Souls.
  • Use Elder Souls to unlock the Elder Gate and take on Godfall‘s array of deadly bosses with unique spirit vision mechanics.
  • Collect Shards of Macros to gain powerful boons that last the entire duration of your Spirit Realms run.
  • Earn awesome new Augments with double primary traits.

Players will now be able to go up against enemies that scale up to level 150 and multiple bosses that spawn simultaneously in Exalted Tower of Trials. This endgame challenge will offer unique new weapons with triple primary traits.

As far as Valorplate Shards are concerned, you can expect the following changes:

  • Each of the 12 Valorplates now have four unlockable Shards which provide new ways to customize and enhance your playstyle.
  • For example, through Shards Phoenix can ignite enemies more easily through Wildfire Strike, unleash a cone of fire through her shield, and even resurrect herself!

There’s a lot more to this update so we suggest heading over to Counterplay’s dev blog for further details.

In other news, WB Games has said that Hogwarts Legacy won’t have microtransactions, and Sony has acknowledged new allegations made in the ongoing PlayStation sexism lawsuit.

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