Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Episode 6 Review: A Very Merry Ginny & Georgia Special

The holidays always bring drama.

Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Episode 6 was no exception, as Paul and Zion’s families clashed at Georgia’s holiday dinner, and Georgia learned two secrets that affected both of her children.

While Georgia may have retreated from the insults towards her, she’s a fierce mama bear and will protect her cubs with every fiber of her being.

Christmas is about magic and forming new traditions. That’s where the problems started. Georgia was ingrained with keeping traditions the same, whereas Paul wanted his parents involved in everything.

That thought scared Georgia because she always had to put on her Southern act around Paul’s parents, which was exhausting.

Paul was a lovely, stand-up guy, but he didn’t understand what Georgia needed. Even with the holiday carnival, he never understood how important it was for her to raise money for needy families because no one ever helped her.

Almost everyone in Wellsbury acted snobby, wanting to write a quick check versus wanting to do the work.

Generally, Paul doesn’t care about the image that much, but he seemed angry that Georgia promoted Santa Claus granting wishes.

Christmas meant everything to Georgia and the kids; they desperately needed some magical glitter at the carnival.

I understand you are going through a hard time with Ginny, but I won’t allow you to disrespect me. Not at work and not at home. I live there now, and I won’t be disrespected in my own home. I’m there waiting for you to let me in.


Things only became worse from there. Ever since Georgia met Paul’s family in Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Episode 1, she had worried about impressing them.

Having Paul’s parents and Zion’s parents at the same dinner was disastrous. Having your future in-laws meet your ex’s parents at a stressful holiday dinner is a bad idea.

They’re from different classes and have other ideas on how Ginny should be raised, but they agreed that neither set liked Georgia. When Zion’s mom revealed that Georgia never went to college, the fireworks exploded, and Georgia looked even worse to Paul’s prestigious parents.

Paul didn’t know how to handle this situation. He’d been trying hard to get his parents to accept Georgia’s kids in new holiday traditions, and another bombshell hit.

Paul hasn’t been around enough to understand how to deal with her panic attacks. He will need to learn, or he’ll always feel jealous that Zion and Joe understand a part of Georgia that he doesn’t.

It was sad that Georgia responded better to them and wanted nothing to do with Paul when upset. I loved that after Zion soothed her enough, Georgia ran to Joe.

I don’t like her taking advantage of him, but they share such a sweet familiarity.

I wished the two of them could have gotten together, but it almost seemed like Georgia was saying goodbye to old dreams as she looked at the horse ornament.

Georgia: You know what I like about you, Joe?
Joe: What do you like about me?
Georgia: I never feel like you’re judging me.

Something about Gil being in town made Georgia have a massive panic attack. It’s apparent Ginny inherited them from her mom. What about Gil scares Georgia so much?

He was charming to her and toddler Ginny in the past and polite to Austin and his classmates.

It was a red flag when he wanted Austin to keep his return a secret from Georgia. Again, certain things should not be kept from mom.

While certain men can be charming, charming men can also be dangerous, so we’ve got our eye on him.

Ginny and Georgia were more alike than either of them realized. They both take painful barbs against themselves and those they love personally. Georgia believed everyone around her hated her, and it crushed her that her daughter did too.

Ginny: I’m sorry about the poem, mom
Georgia: I’m not doing this here, Virginia.
Ginny: I didn’t mean to embarrass you.
Georgia: I said it was fine.
Ginny: You can’t even look at me!

If Georgia had ever stopped making every catastrophe about her, she would have understood that Ginny struggled more with their past. She didn’t hate Georgia and understood the sacrifices, but she needed to be heard. Georgia is often too dramatic, and that’s rough on a teen.

It’s apparent that they struggle with panic attacks when both of them become overwhelmed. Hopefully, they can work through some of those issues together.

During her panic attack, Georgia felt like she had failed their daughter and was the monster everyone thought she was. Again, she was being melodramatic, but those would be some excellent points for her and Ginny to discuss.

I don’t condone mothers reading their children’s diaries, but I’m relieved Ginny’s secret is finally out. I fully expect Georgia will give Zion an earful for not telling her.

Barging into Ginny’s room was not the best way to handle the situation with an already fragile teenage girl.

Show me! You burn yourself? Show me!

This was the climactic reveal many of us had been waiting for. Since everything was about Georgia, she first assumed it was her fault. Since Georgia suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, she will hopefully understand some of Ginny’s issues.

Georgia: My special beautiful girl, why would you do that?
Ginny: I need it. I want to stop.

For once, Georgia didn’t disappoint Ginny. She embraced her and wished she could take the darkness instead. She wasn’t over the top, but a loving, comforting mom.

Now that more secrets have been revealed, what’s next for the final four episodes? How will Paul deal with yet another male figure in the kids’ life when he finally got used to Zion?

Have Ginny and Georgia finally revealed all their secrets to each other? Will Paul learn to understand what Georgia needs?

How will Gil’s return affect Georgia and the kids? Chime in below in the comments.

Ginny & Georgia Season 2 is streaming now on Netflix.

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