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Dying Light 2 Stay Human is commencing its 1st Anniversary on January 31, 2023. The celebration event will commemorate the launch of the ultimate post-apocalyptic survival horror game. Our developer team has created a chock-full slate of exciting new features and content. The 1st Anniversary will have a stacked celebration schedule, starting with in-game events,
Kattish does something that’s notably odd. It doesn’t actually reveal what kind of game it is until after you get 1000G. It’s entirely possible for achievement hunters to get their 100% Gamerscore and depart Kattish without realising what kind of game it is.  For the first ten levels, Kattish is an extremely generic platformer. You
Summary Sea of Thieves Season Eight Community Day will take place from February 11–12 (10am UTC). All players can help raise the Community Emissary Grade, unlocking in-game boosts to gold, reputation and Seasonal Renown. Additional incentives include sales, Twitch Drops, community shout-outs and a celebratory stream from Rare’s on-site Tavern. Season Eight Community Day is
Having the opportunity to review the original GoldenEye 007 game is not one that I ever expected to have in my life. A game that for me, like so many, played a huge part in my video game education growing up. How do you even make a start on reviewing such a significant and culturally
Summary Xbox will be celebrating Black History Month throughout February. To help introduce our various initiatives, Xbox Researcher Portia Botchway shares her insights as a Black woman in the games industry. We also explain how you can give, discover, play and watch with Xbox to support Black History Month. As a Black woman working in
I live in London and that means I am well used to seeing some very bold fashion choices popping up in my neighbourhood. Only last week I saw a man dressed in a mash-up of a Mary Poppins outfit and that of a peacock, before proceeding to be sick in a bin.  Now, in the
CyberHive is a weird game to try and review.  It’s a game that comes from Blazing Planet Studios, published by Samustai LTD, and pretty much does exactly as it says on the tin – you take control of a spaceship that acts as a hive for a bunch of bees. In this intergalactic beehive, you
The popularity of run-based games seems to be as strong as ever, and a fair few have come my way recently. I always struggle to remember the technical term to describe them, but after some double checking I’m pretty confident that Shoulders of Giants falls into the roguelite category. This is because certain progression elements
What’s the chance we would receive two cat-based sokoban (box-pushing) games to review in the space of a month? Pretty likely, apparently, as we have the pleasure of giving a verdict on both Sokocat – Combo and Sissa’s Path in quick succession. But as with many of these coincidental confluences, there’s a winner and a
The annual THQ Nordic & Handy Games Xbox Store sale double-jumps, jet-boosts, and smashes into action this week with savings on a massive list of games. You can demolish your competitors in full-contact racing with Wreckfest (60% off), join Fury on her apocalyptic quest in Darksiders III (70% off), or save your undersea pals in
Ah, now this is more like it. Arriving in a clutch of three Psikyo remasters from City Connection, Dragon Blaze is the least ambitious of the bunch by quite a way. It does precious little that other Psikyo shooters haven’t done before, and – if you have any shoot ’em-up experience – it doesn’t deviate