Elden Ring Apparently Missing Big Chunks of Lore in Some Localized Versions

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Significant chunks of Elden Ring lore appear to be missing in some of the game’s localized versions. The issue was first brought to light by Reddit user PicossauroRex, who was playing the game in Brazilian Portuguese and discovered while browsing the internet that they were missing information that other players were discussing. PicossauroRex then compared their localized text to English text and discovered that paragraphs upon paragraphs of information were simply missing in Brazilian Portuguese, which is a problem considering a significant portion of Elden Ring’s lore is tucked away in item descriptions and requires players to interact with certain things and NPCs, and read through text.

Elden Ring lore is missing in other localized versions too

In response to PicossauroRex’s post, another Reddit user claimed that they encountered the same problem while playing in Spanish but didn’t understand what was going on. Another user claimed that this issue plagued Hispanic American translations and that the Castilian version contained full text. Below is just one sample from numerous screenshots that PicossauroRex provided to illustrate the problem.

elden ring lore 1 Image credit: Redditor PicossauroRex
elden ring lore 2 Image credit: Redditor PicossauroRex

“There’s much more, but Reddit has a 20 images limit so I can’t post more examples,” PicossauroRex wrote. “Unfortunately for lore enjoyers like me playing in our native tongue is detrimental, which is a shame because the translation is really good.”

Opinion: This might be a Bandai Namco America problem

Zarmena writes… As Elden Ring’s publisher, Bandai Namco Entertainment is responsible for localization duties. If Reddit users are correct in reporting that the lore is only missing from American languages then this likely falls on Bandai Namco America. Nevertheless, this is a pretty bad look and one can’t help but feel that this was done deliberately, possibly to cut costs and time. Here’s hoping that FromSoftware and Bandai Namco offer a resolution.

In other news, the next Sly Cooper game reportedly isn’t being developed by Sucker Punch, and Dying Light 2’s latest patch has fixed co-op issues.

[Source: Reddit]

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