Dying Light 2’s latest patch is now available for consoles

As promised, Techland has released the latest patch for consoles, and like the PC version, it eliminates deathloops, fixes blocks in multiple quests, and solved some problems with safe zones.

It also features fixes for co-op, nightrunner tools, makes combat improvements, adds new ragdoll behavior, and more.

The update also fixes issues with the Brutality Pack, makes technical improvements, balance tweaks, it improves the outro and final boss fight, and it touches up the UI/UX.

For Xbox specifically, the patch improves game stability, adds a new Balanced Mode that runs in 60 FPS on Xbox Series X, and adds game modes to Xbox Series S including a Performance Mode that runs in 60 FPS.

From what we can tell, other than the Xbox-specific notes, the patch is the same on all platforms. That said, you will want to look over the notes for your platform of choice. The Xbox notes can be found here, and PlayStation notes are through here.

If you’re just getting started or haven’t picked it up just yet, here’s 16 things we wish we’d known before firing it up.

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