Destiny 2 fashion fiends prepare stunning spy looks ahead of Lightfall

Destiny 2 fashion fiends are showing off their favourite spy-inspired looks in the popular FPS game with the hashtag #DestinySpy. These stylish outfits showcase some of the neatest armour sets from seasons past and present to develop creative new concepts that give Destiny 2 characters a unique feel.

Members of the Destiny 2 community are acutely aware of Bungie’s recent efforts to up its armour game. This season, players willing to grind the Destiny 2 Iron Banner through two resets can earn a special chainmail shader. They can also grind the Destiny 2 Spire of the Watcher dungeon for a Western-themed set, including a cowboy hat that’s appeared in many of the Destiny 2 spy looks. Bungie also released an armour set inspired by the Assassin’s Creed franchise this season.

The fresh drip is welcome in the community, as some players feel some of the more recent world armour sets lack style. However, the spy looks show creativity goes a long way and that the right duds paired with the perfect shaders can create some solid lewks.

Although armour cosmetics have no bearing on gameplay, fashion has long played a role in the Destiny franchise. This season’s Iron Banner set is a revival of an armour set that came out with The Taken King, largely appreciated as one of the best expansions in the history of the Destiny 2 franchise, making the armour a nostalgic item for many.

The #DestinySpy hashtag appears to be related to an official Bungie promotion for the game, which is one of the best multiplayer games on PC. Several popular influencers in the Destiny 2 scene have requested the best spy looks in exchange for a chance to earn an emblem.

Here are a few of the looks we love.

Destiny 2 fashion fiends show off spy looks with #DestinySpy hashtag: A Western-inspired spy look.
Via Twitter user @DarthZavala.

Destiny 2 fashion fiends show off spy looks with #DestinySpy hashtag: A futuristic spy look in a gentle background.

Via Twitter user @notZecyon.

Destiny 2 fashion fiends show off spy looks with #DestinySpy hashtag: A Guardians analyzes a puzzle.

Via Twitter user @ClockingGames.

If you’ve been searching for fresh looks for your Warlock, Titan, or Hunter, check out our Destiny 2 King’s Fall raid guide if you want to grind for the last season’s armour set. You can also check out everything we know about the forthcoming Destiny 2 Lightfall release date, the new Destiny 2 Strand subclass, and everything else there is to know about in Destiny 2 season 20, launching in just a few weeks.

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