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Dark Horse brings THE LOST FOUNTAINS adaptation to English readers

Spanish author José Antonio Cotrina‘s debut novel, The Lost Fountains (Las fuentes perdidas) was published in 2003, and launched Cotrina’s Between The Lines Universe of books and short stories. Now Dark Horse Comics is bringing a graphic novel adaptation of The Lost Fountains to English language readers for the first time. The adaptation is written by Alfredo Álamo, translated into English by Jesús Pece and Gabriella Campbell, and illustrated by Juan Bobillo

Here’s how Dark Horse describes The Lost Fountains:

Delano Grey survives the best he can, living halfway between two worlds. He earns his living as an adventurer for hire, accepting any assignment, no matter the risk, as long as the pay is good. But he is not who he appears to be. His past as a tortured prisoner has turned him into a lost and weakened man, struggling to find the courage to seek vengeance. His journey begins with the search for the Lost Fountains, a place of legend, said to harness great power—where wishes, no matter the intent, are fulfilled.

Dark Horse is no stranger to José Antonio Cotrina’s work. The publisher has previously released English and Spanish editions of Cotrina’s novels The Harvest of Samhein and The Children of Darkness, both part of the author’s Cycle of the Red Moon series of young adult fantasy novels. The Lost Fountains is the first graphic adaptation of Cotrina’s work to come from Dark Horse. The book will also be available in Spanish from publisher ECC.

Look for the graphic novel adaptation of The Lost Fountains to arrive in bookstores on Tuesday, July 18th, and in comic shops on Wednesday, July 19th.

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