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About Hops & Dragons

Two guys who love D&D and beer. A podcast/stream. 

Tune in on Twitch every week to see segments like:  
– Weekly Beer 
-Roll for Trinket 
-Weekly Dungeons & Dragons News 
-Useless Item of the weekc
-H&D University 
-CR Monster Battle 
-5e Rules You May Not Know 
-Puzzler & Puzzlee 
-Dungeons & Crayons: Art Feature 
-Hops & Dragons: Afterhours 
Hops & Dragons streams episodes line on Thursdays at 5:30pm ET, and plays Baldurs Gate 3 live on Sundays at 5:30pm ET, but if you miss it you can watch it here at gamersmobe or recaps on Yourtube!

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