Colosseum’s Devs Knew NOTHING About Pokemon

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Today we delve into some exclusive secrets about the third generation of Pokemon games on Game Boy Advance and GameCube, including Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire on the GBA, and Pokemon Colosseum on the GCN.

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Red/Blue Facts ➤

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Special Thanks: Jacob Newcomb for Japanese translation, Feroz El Mejor for Spanish translation, Lukas Wagner for German translation, Eurasia_M for 4K Colosseum footage, DavoGato for Colosseum art book scans and pointing out the Buttes, SnorlaxMonster for proof-reading

Research/Writing by Dr Lava
Video Editing by TheCartoonGamer

Sources/Further Reading:

Translation: Sugimori and Masuda on Gen 3’s Development

Protected: Interview: Pokemon Colosseum’s Development

Translation: Masuda on Sun & Moon, Pokemon Gray, Z, and Colosseum Sequel

N-Zone magazine (German) #85, June 2004 issue

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