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Chronicles of 2 Heroes Amaterasu’s Wrath: retro platforming in feudal Japan

chronicles of 2 heroes
Chronicles of 2 Heroes is out now

Prepare to embark on a thrilling adventure with Chronicles of 2 Heroes Amaterasu’s Wrath on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC, a mesmerising 16-bit action platformer that seamlessly combines the best of Metroidvania gameplay with breath-taking pixel art.

Infused with Japanese mythology

In feudal Japan, the land trembles under the oppressive rule of Amaterasu and her devoted disciple, Empress Himiko. With an unstoppable army of yokai at their command, the tyrannical duo instils fear and despair in the hearts of the people. 

However, a flicker of hope remains in the form of Kensei, a skilled samurai, and Ayame, a stealthy kunoichi. These courageous brothers will use their years of training to bring an end to the goddess’s reign.

Retro platforming gameplay

The developers of Chronicles of 2 Heroes promise a retro platformer style fused with a satisfying, modern experience. On appearance it looks to be similar in story and style to another retro platformer, The Messenger.

In Chronicles of 2 Heroes, you will experience everything you love about platformers – jumping around collecting coins, avoiding traps and killing enemies. What makes Chronicles of 2 Heroes different though is the ability to swap between the protagonists in real time, allowing you to change your abilities to better face each challenge. You have the choice between two characters: Kensei and Ayame who have unique, surprising combat styles to master. Kensei uses his katana for close combat, but he cannot jump. Ayame is more agile and uses ranged attacks.

You’ll also be able to unlock up to 20 powerful abilities, from smashing the ground and stunning your enemies to the classic double jumping so you can reach higher platforms.

The mainstay of most retro platformers is the regular appearance of a boss who will try and defeat you in a sometimes unusual but always challenging way, and Chronicles of 2 Heroes Amaterasu’s Wrath is no exception to this rule. You’ll have to face epic boss battles and avoid all manners of challenges including having arrows rain down on you or be dive bombed by a flying man/bird hybrid.

Soak up some of that 16-bit entertainment by having a quick watch of the trailer: 

Chronicles of 2 Heroes – out now!

Released onto Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 & 5, PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch today, the game is available to buy and download from the Xbox Store for £20.99.

Game description

Chronicles of 2 Heroes is an intense 16-bit action platformer featuring Metroidvania elements, Japanese mythos and gorgeous pixel art. That’s not all: you can switch between the protagonists in real-time! Ayame and Kensei have unique, surprising combat styles that you will need to master to save feudal Japan from Amaterasu’s wrath.

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