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CDL coach Crowder explains why replacing Al Bagra Control would “break” Search & Destroy

Published: 2023-03-17T22:06:33

Updated: 2023-03-17T22:06:42

Call of Duty expert and Atlanta FaZe CDL coach Crowder has revealed a huge problem that will stop Himmelmatt Expo from replacing Al-Bagra Fortress Control in the official CDL rules.

Al-Bagra Fortress is one of two maps that is used for all three CDL game modes this season. However, Fortress Control is by far the most disliked map and mode combo in both the pro community and the Ranked Play crowd.

Himmelmatt Expo’s arrival in Season 2 Reloaded represented the first opportunity for a map to challenge that dreaded combination, and while some pros have admitted that it plays far better than Al-Bagra, Crowder has killed off any hope of the new arrival entering the map pool for the time being.

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Crowder explains why Himmelmatt Expo Control won’t replace Al-Bagra Fortress

The problem stopping Himmelmatt Expo from being added has nothing to do with the map itself. In fact, it’s a problem with Modern Warfare 2 as a whole that has thrown a wrench in the plans.

This problem is the infamous ‘killcam glitch’ where, instead of getting a killcam after dying, a person simply spectates an entire portion of the map for several seconds before either being ushered onto their teammate’s POV or respawning, depending on the mode.

“Player’s play on the old patch right now,” Crowder explained on stream. “If they want to add the new map in the game, they have to update to the new patch. If you update to the new patch, then you have a deathcam glitch for every single map in the game, including Search & Destroy.”

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As he summarized, this leaves the Call of Duty League with a huge problem. “If you want to fix Fortress Control, you have to ruin Search & Destroy as a game mode.”

There were already complaints of the deathcam glitch causing problems in S&D at the start of the game, well before the arrival of CDL Moshpit or Ranked Play. The free information given by the glitch essentially allows teams to cheat by calling out information that they wouldn’t have without the glitch.

In a one-life game mode where info is everything, the impact is simply too big to be overlooked, and that means there’s no chance that Himmelmatt will make the jump into the lineup, at least for the time being.

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