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Cartoon: I’m just a speaker

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Well, Kevin McCarthy got his wish of being Speaker of the House. It only took 15 separate votes and complete capitulation to the right-wing MAGA nutballs in the Freedom Caucus. It seems that McCarthy was willing to do anything (yes, anything) to land the “leadership” position he has apparently been drooling over for years.

I just couldn’t resist updating an animated classic for our messed up modern political world.

This is all inside baseball political stuff so who cares, right? Well, it matters because a House led by wackos can have a big impact. Even though the Republican-led House will pass all kinds of crazy bills that will get shot down in the Senate — and if not there, will get vetoed by President Biden — the Trumpist body will be able hold the nation hostage thanks to the concessions doled out by McCarthy.

Besides endless investigations led by the fast-talking Rep. Jim Jordan looking into the “weaponization” of government, the biggest threat is a House now willing to blow up the U.S. (and likely the world) economy in a fight over the debt ceiling. In order to get what social safety net cuts (or whatever else they may want), the ascendent Freedom Caucus may force the U.S. to default on its debts, which economists warn could send the world economy into a tailspin.

Hey, but at least Kevin McCarthy will have his dream job! (That is unless one member of the Crazy Caucus decides to give him the boot.)

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