ASUS ROG Raikiri Pro controller for Xbox features a built-in OLED display

At CES 2023, ASUS unveiled its ROG Raikiri Pro, the latest PC and Xbox controller coming to market.

The controller features tri-mode connectivity, four rear buttons, selectable step triggers, an ESS DAC, plus adjustable joystick sensitivity and response curves.

CES 2023 ROG Launch Event – ROG Raikiri Pro & Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Featuring customizable controls, you can personalize the Raikiri Pro with customizable animations, view status indicators, and switch profiles using the built-in OLED display.

Two buttons above the 128 x 40 OLED display can be used to switch between different controller profiles even in the middle of a game, or change what’s being displayed on the OLED.

The four rear L/R buttons can be programmed as hotkeys for in-game commands or joystick sensitivity toggles, and tri-mode connectivity allows you to connect via Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz RF, or you can use wired USB-C for your Xbox Series X/S console.

As the first Xbox-licensed PC controller with tri-mode connectivity, it features adaptive frequency hopping technology which minimizes interference with other devices.

You can also plug a headset into the 3.5 mm jack for audio, powered by the built-in ESS DAC. Plus, it also supports a mute button for voice chat on and off. Headset connection is only available in wired mode.

Pricing wasn’t provided by ASUS, and the controller is expected to be released sometime during Q1 this year.

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