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Asmongold left stunned after Diablo 4 bug deletes his character during stream

Published: 2023-03-18T22:05:28

Updated: 2023-03-18T22:05:36

Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold was briefly left stunned and furious after a random bug during the Diablo 4 Early Access period erased his character.

Diablo 4’s Early Access beta is still going, and fans finally have a chance to explore a bit of the world of the series’ next entry.

Unfortunately, the beta period hasn’t been the smoothest experience for every fan, and the various bugs and glitches have naturally affected some content creators and streamers as well.

During his early hours with the beta, popular Twitch streamer Asmongold fell victim to a particularly nasty bug that booted him out of the game and deleted his character, which left him visibly frustrated.

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Diablo 4 beta bug deletes Asmongold’s character

The glitch occurred during the early hours of Asmongold’s stream, not too long after he’d finally gotten into some gameplay.

After Asmon had spent roughly 10 minutes creating his Barbarian to his liking, he traveled through the tutorial map, encountered combat, and met a few NPCs.

Hilarously enough, the streamer had just taken a moment to read a message from chat aloud which said, “DC incoming,” to which he jokingly replied, “No, it’s not going to DC me. I’m a streamer, I’m special.”

Just as he was talking to another NPC, the game cut out and a message reading “Network Disconnect” popped up. After a few moments of sitting in stunned silence, Asmongold put his face in his hands in disbelief.

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The WoW streamer was then forced to sit through a lengthy loading screen while his annoyance built. Unfortunately, once he was brought back to the main menu he made the unfortunate discovery that the character he’d just spent 10 minutes crafting had been lost completely.

To make matters worse, after recreating his Barbarian, Asmongold tried to re-enter the beta only to be met with an error message that read “Your account is currently locked. Please wait a few minutes and try again,” to which he incredulously said, “What? Was I cheating? What the f*ck is this?”

Thankfully, Asmongold’s second attempt was more successful, as after another lengthy loading session he was able to start over with his newly made character. While he was naturally frustrated with his early ordeal, he ended his stream with a fairly positive impression of the Diablo 4 beta overall.

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