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AOC AGM600 review: gaming mouse comes with high performance, low price

AOC AGM600 gaming mouse: key specs

Grip style: Palm, Claw
Mouse button type: Kailh
Buttons: 10 (programmable)
DPI: 16,000 Real DPI
Connection type: Wired USB
Cable length: 1.8m

The AOC AGM600 comes from AGON, which is the gaming arm and product line from AOC – probably best known for their creation of high-performance, accurate monitors for gaming and creative industries. Their peripheral offerings are expanding quickly – with keyboards, mouse pads, headsets and gaming arms complementing an increasing lineup of highly responsive and accurate gaming mice.

A good quality gaming mouse is imperative for anyone who wants to take their gaming to a new level – whether that be in first-person shooters, simulations or more recently e-sports – to which this mouse caters nicely. When looking for a good gaming mouse, durability is a key factor as well as the speed of use – they often have a higher sensitivity and DPI range as well as more features and buttons that can be programmed within games and pieces of software to access features quickly. Speeding up a user’s gaming experience makes sure they have a key advantage when it comes to competing online, for instance.

A black AOC AGON AGM600 gaming mouse sitting on a brown wooden desk

(Image credit: Future / Jacob Little)

Design & build

Initial impressions of the design and build of the AOC AGM600 are not surprising – the device itself is a familiar black colour with nice coloured RGB highlights that follow a familiar convention across gaming peripherals. We liked the nice long, braided black wire that gives a sense of durability, and the lightweight feel – although we did expect it to feel a little heavier on first use and found that after using battery-powered wireless devices for a long time, it took a little getting used to. If you are also planning on using the mouse for high-precision creative work as well as gaming, you might want to try it out before committing to what feels like quite a light, sensitive device.

Using the mouse initially however was a very pleasant experience overall – the silicon pads on the side mean that getting a good grip isn’t an issue, and we also liked the teflon feet mats at the bottom of the device which meant that during our test, the mouse performed excellently on both clear wooden surfaces and a range of mouse pads.

All buttons are well within reach, and the scroll wheel can also be clicked in, working in increments, which eases changing guns within a game for instance. We found that the soft-touch material was a bit of a magnet for dirt and fingerprints, but for this price, it’s the material we’d expect to see and the textured sides of the mouse provide a good grip when you need it.

A black AOC AGM600 gaming mouse sitting on a brown wooden desk

(Image credit: Future / Jacob Little)


There’s no doubt that looking through the specifications of the AGM600 that AOC have really pulled out all the stops when it comes to providing the right attributes that serious gamers will look for in a dedicated gaming mouse.

Firstly, the DPI range is accurate and responsive, escalating to 16,000 which provides pinpoint speed and accuracy across all games – especially first-person shooters. Each click of the top mouse button increases or decreases the DPI range, and can be reprogrammed to use them in different contexts, which is a nice touch. The DPI buttons when held also temporarily reduce the DPI for high-precision situations like sniping, which again is a thoughtful feature.  The aforementioned braided cable provides a nice feeling of good connectivity and robustness, backed up by the claim of an 80 million click rating – all of which adds up to a mouse that feels like it’s built to last. If we were to have one criticism here is that some of the buttons feel a little plasticky, but overall they weigh up comparative to rivals in this area and we’d certainly consider it acceptable for the relatively low price point.

Low-latency and responsiveness credentials are backed up by an Nvidia Reflex Technology certification, tested for quality and compatibility across Reflex-rated games, which includes such titles as Cyberpunk 2077 and the Call of Duty range, as well as many other highly-rated titles. A full list of these and supported products can be found here (opens in new tab) – it reflects well on AOC that five of their gaming mouse products are considered highly regarded in this area.

A black AOC AGM600 gaming mouse sitting on a brown wooden desk

(Image credit: Future / Jacob Little)


The AOC AGM600 retails at £39.99, which is extremely affordable for its features and places it well into a budget category for serious gamers. 

Should you buy the AOC AGM600?

The AOC AGM600 gaming mouse fits into an increasingly impressive lineup of gaming products from AOC, and is a good sign of things to come. It’s friendly on the budget, comfortable and ergonomically pleasing to use and adapts well to using it on different surfaces. It’s easily programmable using the G-Hub, a piece of software very similar to Logitech’s offering and allows gamers to customise sensitivity, buttons and lighting effects. Overall, an impressive mouse that won’t break the bank and one that will provide users with a surprising level of gaming satisfaction. Other offerings from AOC are comparative, but this fits into a nice sweet spot between price and functionality, even if Logitech’s offerings are more expensive but are still slightly more highly thought of overall.

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