Andy Cohen Clarifies Context Around Remarks Hoping ‘RHOSLC’ Star Jen Shah Got No Jail Time In Fraud Scheme

Andy Cohen made an appearance on Who’s Talking To Chris Wallace? and his interview caused some waves with Bravo fans that he is now clarifying.

The Real Housewives producer took to Instagram to first acknowledge that he enjoyed his experience with Wallace on his HBO Max talk show and give compliments to the veteran journalist.

“I love that interview. I thought it was a really dynamic conversation and he’s such a good interviewer,” he said on Instagram Stories. “And I love that he asked me really provocative questions.”

Cohen then proceeded to say that one of the buzziest headlines from that interview was when Wallace confronted the Watch What Happens Live host with remarks he made about The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Jen Shah. Wallace said Cohen had previously stated he hoped Shah wouldn’t get jail time but the late-night show host wanted to clear things up.

“Just want to clarify the context of what I said. I was saying it in response to people wanting to know if she was going to be back on the show,” he explained. “I knew that there had to be some context and I should have asked him what it was because the context is different from the quote on its own, as often happens.”

Cohen posted a clip from a quote he gave to Us Weekly in November 2022 which read, “She’s being sentenced on December 15, so I don’t know what to say to people who want her on the show. I hope that she gets no jail time whatsoever and she can come right back … but I have a feeling that she’s not going to be available to be on the show.”

In the interview that is now streaming on HBO Max and CNN, Cohen first said he had made the statement before Shah had pled guilty to the telemarketing fraud scheme. However, Wallace pointed out the interview was after Shah’s guilty plea.

“Oh, really? Oh, God,” Cohen said in reaction to Wallace.

Cohen would add, “Sometimes you get to know someone and you get to like them, you hope that they are not guilty of something horrible.”

Watch the entire interview below.

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