Amazing Tweets From Fans Concerned About Austin Butler Keeping His Elvis Accent For Years

Method acting can lock an actor in the grip of its powers long after the cameras stop rolling. After Austin Butler went to great lengths to nail his Elvis performance, the actor seems to be having a hard time shaking that Presley twang anyone with an HBO Max subscription can currently enjoy. Which, in turn, has made some fans concerned about how the actor has recently claimed that he’ll probably be keeping that voice for years to come.

Throughout various fan reactions on Twitter, there’s a wave of folks who really want this era of Butler’s career to come to a satisfying end, and soon. Our first comment come from a social media user who proposes an extremely meta solution to this potentially disturbing trend:

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It’s not all bad vibes when dealing with the issue of Austin Butler’s continued Elvis arc. In fact, some people are taking the time to do their own impressions of Butler acting like the King of Rock and Roll. Which leads to the next commenter’s contribution, focusing on what Elvis’s Dunkin’ Donuts order might sound like:

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Watching that last video now has me wondering why there wasn’t at least a decent effort to contact Austin Butler to be in Ben Affleck’s new Dunkin’ ad for the Super Bowl. It’d be killer press for Butler, especially if his performance takes him to this year’s Oscars like so many say it will.

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This matter seems to have come to a head in recent days thanks to Austin Butler’s Golden Globes win for Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama. Once again, “the voice” was in full effect as he accepted his award, and for some it was just too much. That camp is represented with the next reaction from a very suspicious mind, complete with an appropriate Dance Moms GIF for added effect:

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Meanwhile, those who are happy for the Elvis train to keep rolling have come out to support Butler and his continued rockabilly swagger. Sharing his acceptance speech from Tuesday night’s awards show, we have our final supporter for Team Elvis. And if you were to ask this person their opinion about the matter face to face, they’d probably tell you, “that’s alright.”

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While there is a concern that Austin Butler could be wearing out his welcome with his Elvis act, one would think he still takes breaks from it from time to time. It’d be especially vital for him to do so on his upcoming gig in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune: Part Two, which is set for release on November 3. Unless, of course, his director wants a Memphis style Feyd-Rautha as part of the Dune sequel’s cast.

The road to the Oscars ends on Sunday, March 12, with the results of that night potentially determining the fate of Austin Butler’s Elvis persona. To get a look at the rest of this year’s incoming entertainments, don’t forget to consult the 2023 new movie releases schedule. And if you’re looking to dig into the Butler/Elvis experience, that show’s running whenever you’re ready at the time of this writing thanks to the film streaming on HBO Max.

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