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A Year of Free Comics: The stories are too true in EPILOGUE

Newspaper novels were pretty popular back in the day, but how many people actually read physical newspapers anymore? For Haesu Choi, the free paper he reads every morning has more than a Classified section. In Epilogue, the periodical has a novel that is both intriguing and a little too real for our protagonist. 

Created by Cho Seok, the mystery web series centers on Haesu Choi, a young man who is struggling in life. He’s broke, he’s lonely, and the one thing that distracts him from his misery is the episodic novel detailed in the free morning paper he grabs before work. The serial thriller is called “Epilogue” and at first, it seems like your typical pulpy murder mystery tale. 

As Haesu continues to follow the story, the characters and settings become a little too familiar. And eventually, the details hit too close to home. Haesu starts seeing his own name and aspects of his life in the pages. 

The series sets up a compelling and creepy mystery, and the twists and turns keep coming as the story progresses. It is easy to put yourself in the main character’s shoes; the parallels between the newspaper story and his own life are unsettling and it only gets worse when strange things begin to happen around him.

Epilogue has three free episodes to read on Webtoons. The complete story can be unlocked as you read on the app. Begin the tale here.



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