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A Year of Free Comics: THE LAST BLOODLINE taps into vampire lore

Vampires have been around for centuries, with myth and folklore using the image of a bloodsucking creature in many a tale. These supernatural beings are a fixture in horror, ranging from romantic, gothic, ethereal beauties to feral monsters with several rows of teeth and bumpy foreheads (I’m not going to mention the glittery ones). In The Last Bloodline, the world of vampires is brought together when the prophecy of a new Queen comes to fruition. 

With art by Weyow Ang, the Webtoons series features letters by Ganna Green, concept and storyboards by Maria Li, and concept and words by Quinn Sosna-Spear. 

The story centers on Mallory, a naive college student raised in a church orphanage, who learns she is the niece of a mysterious uncle who owns a massive and creepy old mansion. Adorable, clumsy, zoologist-in-training Mallory has no clue that there is a prophecy naming her the new “Queen of Vampires.” Is she prepared for what that means, especially when vamps from around the world are seeking her out?

The fun part about this vampire tale is that while it offers your typical tropes and expectations, it does provide a fresh take on the lore. Familiar names in vampire mythology are everywhere, from Dracula to Carmilla. Those who have delved even deeper into the world will recognize more obscure references from a variety of cultures. 

If you aren’t a big vamp fan or you don’t care about mythology, come for the art, which is quite eye-catching. Not only are the panels dynamic and pretty, but the color palette ties the whole page together.

The Last Bloodline updates every Tuesday. Begin reading here.

Last Bloodline


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